Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Affairs With Married Women

Affairs With Married Women
By David Wygant

  • What You Need To Know
  • Your moral code is ultimately up to you.
  • Affairs with married women create unneeded complications.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the man who is being cheated on before you follow through.
"On a purely physical level, most men are going to enjoy their affairs with married women."
Here’s the scenario: You're sitting in a bar, relaxing over a drink after a long day’s work next to an incredibly hot, sexy woman, and you’re having a fun and playful conversation. You’re really hitting it off with her, and soon she is really coming on to you, very sexually, like no woman has ever before. You almost can't believe that it's happening.  
She then whispers in your ear that she'd love to spend the night with you, just as a one-shot deal. You think to yourself, "All right, one-night stand. That sounds like it could be great fun."  
As you leave with your new one-night-stand-to-be, just before getting into your car, she looks at you and says, "I’ve got to let you know something: I'm married. The marriage is not going well, and I'm planning on leaving him soon, but in the meantime, I just really want to have some hot, great sex with you."
So you turn the ignition. You put the car into drive. You pause and think. Now what do you do? Do you head back to your place for a night of passionate fun, or do you turn to her and say you’ll drive her home because you don't have affairs with married women?  
I’ll be honest. On a purely physical level, most men are going to enjoy their affairs with married women. You are basically serving as her outlet, so a married woman is usually amazing when she chooses you as her victim. You're bringing out her inner tigress. You're unlocking a woman full of sexual desire who is not getting her needs met at home, so of course the one night of sex is going to be unbelievably great. There are no strings attached to it, either, so it’s just fantastic sex with seemingly no consequences.  
When I was in my 20s, I slept with a few married women. How did it feel afterward? It felt like a conquest. I felt great, like I had tasted the forbidden fruit. But as I got a bit older, as I started to understand the value of relationships, I started thinking to myself, "What if this woman was my wife. What if she was my girlfriend? What if she was the woman who was the mother of my kids?" How would I feel if my girlfriend or my wife was getting into a stranger's car to go off and have hot, wild sex with him?  
The truth is that there is a moral issue in affairs with married women that you will have to deal with eventually. I truly believe that when it comes down to it, our morals are our own and only you can decide what is right for you. I’m not here to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. But I know from personal experience that it can be a difficult decision to make when you're in that situation. The scenario is a common one, whether the married woman comes onto you in a local bar, your co-worker’s wife asks to sneak off with you at the office party, you’re letting loose on vacation with friends, or maybe you’re at a convention on a business trip. It doesn't matter how the occasion presents itself. Chances are that at some point you will run into a married woman who's looking to play.Cheating is rampant.
How do you decide whether to conduct affairs with married women?

"So my personal advice is to resist the temptation, resist your own urges to have affairs with married women."
I've cheated on women, and I'm sure I've been cheated on. When there’s an unhappy or unsatisfied element in a relationship, whether emotional or physical, it’s common for one partner to go looking outside of the relationship to satisfy their needs. The idea of having a hot, passionate, sexual affair with married women is tempting, and it’s a great fantasy. But in my experience, you’re putting yourself in a compromising situation that’s best left alone.   
Now you may be saying to yourself: "Well, if she doesn’t get it from me, she’s going to get it from someone else." I say, let her get it from someone else. One night of passion sounds great, but there are too many repercussions. I have done it. I have experienced it. And if you want to know more about it, I will write more on that another time. But morally, it was just not the right thing for me to do. Sure, the night of sex you have may be great. The after-effects mean nothing at the time, but what if this married woman actually develops feelings for you, or vice versa? Not only that, what if you are actually acquaintances with her husband? What if her husband is actually a guy you work out with at the gym or a guy you do business with? What if there are children involved, and her affair with you leads to a strain on the marriage, and then a strain on the children?
Even if you’ve never been married, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Eventually, you will be in a relationship. Eventually, you may get married. And, eventually, you may have issues in your own marriage.  Eventually, it may be your wife looking to go to bed with a hotter, sexier man. So my personal advice is to resist the temptation, resist your own urges to have affairs with married women. Take it from experience.  
If it seems too hard for you to resist the temptation of a sexy woman who is eager to be with you, you need to develop a stronger mindset. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of amazing single women out there who would love to have sex with you right now. No-strings-attached sex can be a great experience. But true no-strings-attached sex means that you can actually have a clear conscience and do whatever you want both before and after the sex, and you don’t have to be sneaky about it. You'll feel better about yourself, and you’ll feel better about the decision the next day. 

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