Monday, July 25, 2011

Post-Divorce Dating Club™ Launches Nationally

Post-Divorce Dating Club™ Launches Nationally
A new community dedicated to helping re-singles mix, mingle, & maybe meet, launches nationally

The Post-Divorce Dating Club™ (PDDC), a division of the Post-Divorce Group LLC, launched its website today for divorced, separated or people who have been in a long term committed relationship. PDDC combines both online dating with offline Miixzee's™, seminars, coaching, matchmaking, and post-divorce resources and services to help build a comprehensive support network around individuals looking to move past their divorce.

The PDDC was founded by Lee Block, a divorced mom of two, after she discovered the difficulty divorcees encountered when seeking out quality dating partners. Block is the author of The Post-Divorce Chronicles, a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and a post-divorce coach as well. According to Block, CEO of the Post-Divorce Group LLC, “I noticed a common recurring theme that ran through my sessions. Dating. I then started to think about online dating, and how when you date online, what do you get? You get men and women that come from a different place than you and don't understand the place that you are at! How do you weed through all those people to find the like minded people you want to date? You can't just throw a man or woman who was married for 15 years out to the wolves on online dating and expect them to come back without a couple of limbs missing! So, Post-Divorce Dating Club was born.”

This site offers an all encompassing community. Everyone on PDDC is divorced, in the process of divorce or has been in a long term committed relationship. Some of the services that they offer are background checks and a professional profile writing service. It only takes 5 minutes to fill out your profile on this site. PDDC also offers an offline matchmaking service that is personalized and one on one.

The services and resources directory is searchable by city and state and there are several ways to learn online through teleseminars and webinars, as well as expert bloggers that cover topics ranging from relationships to finance. The offline Miixzee's™, where you can learn and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere, will be slowly starting up in major cities across the United States as the site grows and there is also a forum where you can chat and give suggestions for the site.

According to Block, “This community is growing quickly and the feedback has been excellent. We pride ourselves on our customer service and providing a safe place for re-singles to date and get to know each other. We are a positive upbeat unbeatable and downright unbelievable community for re-singles who want to mingle!”

PDDC is offering the first 500 people who join a free 6 month membership through August 15, 2011. For more information about the PDDC, please email lee(at)postdivorcedatingclub(dot)com or visit the website at

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