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Supply & Demand: Dating

Supply & Demand: Dating
  • What You Need To Know
  • Be sparing in your affections and attention, and her demand will increase.
  • Attempting most of these maneuvers in a long-term relationship is asking for trouble.
  • Play up a unique trait and demand for particularly skilled men - like you - will go up.
"When women first meet a guy, they project fantasies onto him associated with their vision of the ideal man."
In his seminal work, Principles of Economics, published in 1890, Alfred Marshall wrote that there are four basic laws governing the price of a good in a market based on supply and demand. Briefly, they are: 1) increased demand and unchanged supply means a higher price; 2) decreased demand and unchanged supply means a lower price; 3) increased supply and unchanged demand means a lower price; 4) decreased supply and unchanged demand means a higher price.

Supply and demand may be an economic model, but given that it is human nature to want what it seems as though you can’t have, this theory can also be applied to the dating game too. Here, we school you in how to apply the concept of supply and demand to your dating life in order to achieve success.

Limit Her Access To You

Limit Your Displays Of Affection

While conventional dating advice typically contends that women enjoy playing hard to get and that men love the chase, the reverse -- that women enjoy pursuing a man who seems just out of reach -- is also true. The reason is as follows: When women first meet a guy, they project fantasies onto him associated with their vision of the ideal man. The less you supply physical contact, therefore, the more her lustful demand for you will build, which, of course, can only work in your favor. Warning: This advice will completely backfire if used in a long-term relationship where regular displays of affection are one of the keys to a happy union, so follow this rule only when you’re in the early stages of a relationship or you’re presently playing the field.

Limit The Contact That You Initiate

You know that rule about waiting three days before you call or, in 2010, make virtual contact? Well, forget it. After all, that’s what every other guy will be doing and your goal is to be in shorter supply than the average man. So don’t even think about calling,texting, e-mailing, instant messaging, or any other form of contact until at least six days have passed. One word to the wise here: Many women like to plan in advance, so if you’re only going to call once a week, do it midweek, like Wednesday, to schedule a weekend date. This trick gives her plenty of time to prepare and also means she’ll have to wait longer to see you than she’s already been waiting, which will further build her anticipation.

Read on to find out how economies of scale can get you dates...

"Take a cue from diamond companies like De Beers and play with the market by artificially inflating your value."

Limit Romantic Gestures

Carefully calibrate when, how and what you’ll do in terms of romantic gestures. By controlling the supply of romance she receives, the amorous overtures you do make will blow her mind because she won’t be expecting them. Do heed the warning associated with limiting affection, however, and only follow this rule if you’ve just met a girl you’re interested in, as testing it out on your long-term girlfriend will drive you apart rather than fuel her fire for you.

Limit The Time You Spend With Her

In the marketplace, new products are often more in demand. The value of this new product will be high particularly when supply is low. By limiting the number of times she sees you, your company will seem both novel and more valuable. To apply this rule, begin by isolating your social group into different economies ornetworks. That way, you’ll be able to go out as frequently as you like, but you won’t be a fixture in one particular network. Note that when you do show up at an event, however, although the novelty of your presence will intrigue her, you’ll also have to deliver a quality product (you). So be sure to get into a good mood before stepping out, and have some conversation starters ready.

Limit The Supply Of Men Like You

Position Yourself As A Rare Commodity

If you have something to offer that other guys don’t, you’ll be tantamount to a rare commodity, thus, driving up female demand for you. There are several ways in which you can turn yourself into an uncommon good. You could take up a new hobby or revive aninterest in an old one and determine to master it. For example, if you learn a foreign language, you’ll seem exotic. Or, try building connections that other guys don’t have by cultivating relationships with individuals who can help you procure in-demand products, such as seats at the hottest restaurant in town, VIP access to a swish club, discounted airline tickets, and so on. When women notice your ability to secure exciting products that are in short supply, you’ll be much more in demand.

Position Yourself In A New Market

Take a cue from diamond companies like De Beers and play with the market by artificially inflating your value. The best way to increase your worth is by spending your time in a place where there aren’t many dudes like you. For example, if you’re throwing a party and you’re a bona fide player, don’t invite like-minded men. Similarly, if your sharp wit is your best quality, forget to mention your soiree to any other comedians in your entourage.   

Manipulate The Market

As you can see, applying the supply and demand model to the dating realm is relatively straightforward. Essentially, doing so consists of limiting your supply by being less available or tipping the odds in your favor by making yourself appear more in demand. Either way, put one or more of these tricks to work with the women in your life and you should soon see your value skyrocket.

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