Friday, November 12, 2010


Turn On or Turn Off? 

Whilly Bermudez - Host / Commentator

Tattoos have been part of uncivilized and civilized society for ages. Some of the first cavemen had already developed the process of penetrating the skin with colored ink.  Believe it or not, some scientists say that certain marks on the skin of the Iceman, a mummified human body dating from about 3300 B.C., are tattoos.  If that’s true, these markings represent the earliest known evidence of the practice.  Tattoos found on Egyptian and Nubian mummies date back from about 2000 B.C. and classical authors mention the use of tattoos in connection with Greeks, ancient Germans, Gauls, Thracians and ancient Britons.

Tattooing was rediscovered by Europeans when exploration brought them into contact with Polynesians and American Indians.  The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word tattau, which means "to mark," and was first mentioned in explorer James Cook’s records from his 1769 expedition to the South Pacific.  Because tattoos were considered so exotic in European and U.S. societies, tattooed Indians and Polynesians drew crowds at circuses and fairs during the 18th and 19th centuries.  But, this is 2010 and Tattoos remain common in our current society.  They are kept famous by celebrities that wear them and reality television shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink.

The number of people having drawings on their bodies is increasing which leads to a rising question.  Why do so many people get tattoos?  What could the reasons be for altering their bodies and injecting themselves with ink even when it is done in a painful manner?  What could their reason be for approaching someone they do not even know and allowing him to place artwork permanently on their bodies?  Each person may have his own reason and this may be different from that of another person. Below are just some of the common motivations for why people get tattoos.

-Some people get tattoos as a form of self-expression and rebellion against the society.

-Tattoos show affiliations and connections.

-Love is another reason why people get tattoos. (They want to show and let the whole world know what they feel.)                                                                   

-Religion or religious belief.

-Some choose to have tattoos to show what happened to them and their lives.  This is their way of recalling what happened to them.  Examples of these people are prisoners who have their bodies filled with stories.  For some, those without tattoos are said to have never existed.

A research conducted by Hawaii University revealed that 85% agree that having visible tattoos limit or hurt your chances of being employed.  At the University of Western Australia, they studied how children stereotype people with tattoos.  They discovered that children between 6 and 10 years of age were prone to negatively stereotyping tattooed men.  The forensic implications of this are pretty obvious.  Little kids will always think of the tattooed guy as the ‘bad guy,’ even if he didn’t commit the crime. 

Since we were children, some of us have been taught that tattoos are for “low class” people or criminals.  People and families of wealth and stature normally express great discontent for tattoos and those that bear them. 

I believe that like everything else in life, people should be evaluated on their merit and not necessarily because of the tattoo on his/her person. However, let me be clear... I'm talking about a small/average sized- 1 or two tattoos. Anything more is a whole different level which I will only somewhat understand if its a singer/performer that were talking about. Any average folk with an excess is most definitely overkill. The best practice is probably getting  a tattoo in an area of your body that is not easily visible when your wearing work clothes. 

I can attest to the fact that people with tattoos are easily judged and sometimes treated differently. When I was running for office, I would wear a polo shirt which caused my tribal tattoo to sometimes show a little bit. Well, some of the voters I would visit would stare at it and have a look of disappointment on their face. Who knows what as running through their minds.

Deciding Factors
If your'e thinking about your first one or another one, I would consider (2) main things:

1. Do you think you will still be ok with them on your body in the next 20,30,40, or 50 years? *None of my grand parents ever had one, so I cant picture too many elderly folks with tattoos. 

2. What are your future professional and career oriented goals? Would body art help or hurt your journey to success? 

So why did I get 2 of them?
I was 20 years old, I went for my first small dragon tattoo on the top of my right shoulder. I just happened to be walking by a tattoo shop in Miami Beach with a girl I was dating.  It was a decision that I made in a split second.  Several years later for reasons that I cannot recall today, I got a tribal tattoo on my right bicep.  Several months later I regretted getting it (them).

Today, I am older, wiser, and see the world in a much different light.  As a result, not only do I regret my two tattoos I think that there is nothing sexier or more attractive than a woman's bare body.  My preference is no tattoos at all.  However, if that cannot be, then 1 or 2 small ones in places not so visible is acceptable to my taste. How about for you?  If they are large, too visible, and exaggerated it diminishes the allure for me. However, for others it may be a plus for what they consider a "Turn on".

I would like to close by saying that there is a significant difference between overkill and self expression, part of what I feel is the decay of society is that we don't have any boundaries anymore. All lines are blurred and almost anything goes. We need to learn that sometimes less is more and embrace moderation. People shouldn't be so quick to judge another, but we shouldn't make it so easy for them either. A tattoo doesn't tell the whole story. 

Thank you for reading,

Whilly Bermudez

After Thought By
Miss La Rosa - Host / Commentator


These topics keep getting more and more interesting as we go.  I happen to love this topic.  Again, as in all my blogs I will continue emphasizing individuality.  I like that you mention the different reasons why someone would want to get a tattoo.  I think that is the core of it all, the reason behind the decision of getting that tattoo.

I think we all want to remember or embrace certain moments in our lives.  Marking our bodies or getting a tattoo is a form of expression.  Humans act more on emotions.  At the moment, we wanted to show the passion for a passed loved one, a special memento in our life, or something so significant that led us to have it marked on our body.  Do I agree?  I agree that we all go through passionate moments whether good or bad and we should be able to express it however our individual, independent human mind lets us.  For some it is said that it serves as a healing process for something catastrophic. 

I do believe that our bodies will end up disintegrated and that the biggest tattoos are the ones we carry in our heart and souls.  Whether you decide to express it on your body or not is very personal.  I love your explanation on the history of tattoos but we've come a long way (I hope).   

Besides, nowadays, if you regret getting one, you can easily have it removed.  Either way our lives are full of experiences lived that nothing will erase.  Funny thing here is that you have two and I have none.   In time perhaps I'll get one.  I can never say never.  I DO know I won't do it just because it is a trend and therefore I won't regret it.

Thank you,

Miss La Rosa       


  1. Too much tattoos is pretty much turn off.

  2. It should make or break the relationshp its wants inside of a person that matters...

  3. if I feel I have to read a man rather than enjoy him....its too much

  4. I have three, but for some reason a tattoo on a woman (it doesn't matter where) is a turn off for me.

  5. Depends on the tat...but they do turn me on =P and I have a vine wrapped around my ankle....

  6. I knew it!!!! lol wake up it's 2010..... lol Listen now a days you might find an old lady like Adela from Que Pasa USA getting a tattoo on her butt.. lol

  7. Ever heard the saying never judge a book by its cover? That goes the same for tattoos I have three and that does not make me any lesser of a person. Nor does it say, like in the old days, that I am a delinquent. I like tattoos and if done right are very sexy.

  8. Neutral, but I prefer my guys on the clean side. The only thing on his birthday suit should be me. ;-)

  9. TURN ON and I have two :P

  10. Really dont like em at all! :( turn OFF

  11. I'm with the other Raquel. I have 5 tattoos that I can cover when necessary and I don't think they make me any less "lady-like". My husband didn't have a single one until we got one together to represent the date we meant. Tattoos can either be extremely sexy or just really badly (over)done

  12. I have none. They are a turn off to me especially if they are up and down the arms, etc. If hidden, or just one or two...maybe. It doesn't stop me from being a big fan of THE ROCK, but he would be the only exception.

    I especially don't like it when men or women have tatoos on their neck. That is the biggest turn off to me. I am not a fan of the tatoos on the lower back either. Just not my thing.

  13. It turns me on to see a girls with Kitty paws running up her thighs, a butterfly tattoo on one breast and a heart shaped tattoo on the other one, a tattoo of red lips on her neck and "papi esto es tuyo" tattooed on the small of her back!

  14. I like tattoos that can be covered when needed and shown when u want to... Neck tattoos and full sleeves are a bit tooooo much....Also moderation is the key!! A couple of tats are fine... Tats all over are a definite turn-off.

    I have two... I can show when I want to, but they don't show in a dress or work attire.

  15. I think it depends on the person, the place, the type of tattoo and who the artist was. I personally never wanted to get a tattoo. In 2008 prior to my deployment to Afghanistan, I decided to get a portrait of my two daughters with flowers and the American flag on my back. My decision and reason to get it...I was scared that something terrible was going to happen, I wanted to have them with me, yes,I can only see it from a mirror but it was like a hidden strength. God forbid, I would have been a prisoner of war, but I would have something to hold on to, to not give up for. I always said, if I were to get a tattoo, it needs to have meaning behind it. My husband has four they make me love him any People go through different stages in life and there are people that get tattoos at a young age. Their tattoos have no meaning, they are poorly done, and regret it, would that make me not fall for I would rather have a person with a million tattoos that is a good person rather than someone who looks perfect on the outside, and is an ugly evil person on the inside. That is my take.

    To everyone that has posted, I value your opinion and my opinion is not meant to put yours as less meaningless. I see all your viewpoints and respect them. :) Have a blessed Friday.

    Good topic!

  16. Turn on!!!! Especially the tribal ones!

  17. I waited until I was thirty to get my first one and since then, I have added to the collection. They are all in places no one sees unless I want them to because I got them for me. I waited because I wanted to be sure what I inked on my body was something personal and had meaning. I love them on men when they are not overwhelming and I think that they are definitely sexy. It shows that you are not afraid of self expression. To be honest, for me, it is about the individual. Tattoos or no tattoos, if the person is worth knowing and/or loving, the tattoos are irrelevant.

  18. In my opinion tatoos are a part of the personls individuality. Individuals should not be judged by them. They do not really determine an individuals values. Diferent cultures and religions view them differently and we are in 2010