Thursday, November 18, 2010

SMOKING. Not As Sexy As It Used To Be.

SMOKING.                                                           Not As Sexy As It Used To Be.

Whilly Bermudez - Host / Commentator

The idea that smoking is sexy probably arises from seeing Audrey Hepburn standing in front of Tiffany’s in a little black dress, her hair pulled back in a soft up-do with a long cigarette and holder in hand. This is from a 1961 film and today is real life. These days, most people slowly vacate the area when cigarette smoke is present.

I’m not going to beat around this bush… I’m not a smoker and I’m not a fan of it. However, cigar is a different story but that’s for another discussion. I think that cigarette smoking is one of the strongest turn offs in women. For some, you can be extremely attractive and even be close to complete physical perfection but you will fall very far as soon as you light up. For others (smokers), birds of a feather flock together.  I know the most common excuse people use is:  “I only smoke when I drink” well there’s a greater chance than not, that the admirer from across the room is wishing that you would have refrained.  :-) 

Without even getting into the health hazards of smoking, you could have yellow teeth, bad breath, and that stench of cigarette on your clothes. This is disgusting.   I would have to be pretty intoxicated myself to be ok with kissing a smoker. (the times that I have, I have had a few drinks)

Now you know how I feel about it, but let’s look as some survey data. In fact, I couldn’t find any research that states that “Smoking is a Turn On”.  Smoking is a major turn-off for prospective partners and can prove a real obstacle on dates, according to a new survey by American Legacy Foundation. Some 57 per cent of non-smokers don't like kissing those who indulge in the habit, while 12 per cent of smokers also say they would rather not kiss a fellow addict. In the research, commissioned by A.L.F., 2,274 people were questioned on their dating preferences and turn-offs regarding smoking. Just six percent of those questioned said they liked kissing people who smoke."Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, but for younger people, fears about attractiveness and fertility can be a stronger motivation to give up and stay quit," said American Legacy’s Donna Vallone. 

Dating agencies have long been aware that kicking the habit can help your chances of finding “The One”, with more and more people specifying 'non-smoker' in their dating preferences. Looking better, smelling better and having more money to spend on clothes or going out are all regularly mentioned as important factors in choosing non-smokers over smokers, according to numerous dating agencies. Let’s assume you’re married or in a relationship, so making an impression someone doesn't really matter. However, it’s still a turn off for the meaningless majority around you.  
As life has it and regardless of my opinion, research, and professional data cannot prevent the overwhelming truth: If you’re truly into the person their smoke will not keep you away. Love can disable our sense of smell, taste, and sight.
Where do you stand?
Whilly Bermudez


Miss La Rosa - Host / Commentator


One thing I admire about you is your sincerity on how you personally feel as far as what attracts you personally. I have to say that being turned off by a smoker is very personal. Some are actually attracted to smokers. Some get turned off with drinkers, nail biters, someone cleaning their teeth in public, burping, etc. I totally understand and perhaps there is something that happens to turn me off as much as smoking turns you off. When choosing someone as a partner besides the spiritual bond I do believe there has to be a physical attraction. If this is something that KILLS it for you then I would see how you would be uncomfortable with a smoker.

What happens if the habit comes after?

I was married to someone that never smoked. I was 5 months pregnant and had a terrible car accident that was close to fatal. My ex-husband experienced it all and happened to grab a cigarette at the hospital while waiting to hear if my unborn child and I would be o.k. For the rest of the pregnancy there was many uncertainties and he continued to smoke. He also fed, bathed me and cared for me and loved me perhaps the only way he knew how. Did his breathe and clothes smell like cigarette? Maybe.
I was too focused on everything else he was doing and worried about him being worried for two.   
Could it have been that cigarettes were not that much of a turn off  for me?       

I think we have a choice and our choices our personal as to what we consider turn off or turn on. Balancing the good and bad is elementary but very efficient. If we won't be able to live or tolerate something then perhaps we shouldn't even consider it. Again, I admire your Sincerity.

 Puff Puff :)

Miss La Rosa


  1. I agree with you Willy...the smell is nasty. After all it's her lips you want to kiss not the pack of Newport stuck in her mouth.

  2. That is just nasty!

  3. Yeap hate it when that happens. I don't understand why people still smoke....

  4. Gross, what a turn off!