Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Whilly Bermudez-  Host / Commentator 

As I signed on to my computer yesterday I see that America Online asked a question that I had been speaking about for some time. Does President Obama deserve a second term?  Has he done enough to earn the respect and win the hearts of the American People?  Before arriving at an answer lets elaborate some.

My opinion of President Barack Obama may surprise you a little bit. I am by all accounts, much more conservative than all of my peers. I’ve been a Reagan Republican for as long as I have known myself. I am against the Liberal way of life and it should not shock you that I DID NOT vote to elect Obama in 2008. However, I consider myself an intelligent person and an Independent thinker. I do my own research and formulate my own opinions. I don’t believe that any form of extremism is good for the conversation. Regardless if it’s from the Right or the Left.    

Whether on Facebook, Chain emails, or in real life, I often hear people say that Obama is a Socialist, a Marxist, a Communist, a Double Agent placed in the Presidency to bring down our country, and a few other conspiracy theories. In fact, seeing these posts so often gets rather annoying. People that feel so strongly about politics should run for office instead of watching and yelling from the side lines. I’m no fan of Obama but let’s not feed the hate monster for our own agenda.  

I do believe that racism is alive and well and its not going away anytime soon. Most people didn’t want Obama because he historically does not fit the bill from all of our past Presidents. Let’s just say it:  A black President is much more than our racially charged inner prejudices (that we all have) were prepared to endure. However, he won anyway. He came at an opportune moment when all of our problems were being blamed on George W. Bush and Republicans. He stepped in with a message of Change and Hope. His campaign strategists found a way to connect with voters and young people everywhere. They breathed political life into Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. –Even Mobile Texting digital campaigning. John McCain was too old, came off as a bully, and could not ignite people’s passion.  So the end result, The unlikely victory of Barack Obama became a reality.

Those of us that did not vote for Obama had no choice but to sit back and hope for the best and hope for midterm elections to optimistically start turning the tide. I believe that we’ve given him an opportunity to prove himself as the ultimate leader of the free world. I believe that as American Citizens and entitled critics we have given him a chance. His decision making or that of his cabinet advisors have made a lot of bad decisions: Spending money that we don’t have is a negative that we learn in grade school, Pushing a Health Care Plan through with no regard to the hard details that can add further to our undoing, failing to connect with the American People by demonstrating more of an eagerness to appease other nations, and even employing various people to higher office that can be considered questionable or unfit for those posts. The list doesn’t stop here and the rebuttal from loyal and patient fans is that he simply hasn’t had enough time to do a job that we can consider significant to the needs of our nation.

To loyalists from the left I ask a simple question: How much more time should we give a President to become our savior?  Yes, Obama came into to the presidency in the midst of a financial meltdown. Yes, Obama gets blamed for the approval of the TARP funds-which Bush authorized. Yes, going to war with Iraq set off the chain reaction-financing a war is insanely expensive. However, it’s not as simple as blaming Republicans. You think it was easy for Bush, barely into his presidency to be faced with the attacks on 9/11? Why doesn’t anyone mention that most of the Wall Street de-regulation and policies can be attributed to Bill Clinton’s era? This has been part of President Obama’s dilemma; he and his inner core have spent too much time blaming Bush for all of our problems.

The blame game should have been over when our country reached sky high unemployment rates. The blame game should have been over when millions of us lost our homes to foreclosure. The blame game should have been over and that energy should have been directed to help feed the fuel of our economy- small businesses everywhere.

Did Obama have it easy coming in? No. But why should the United States Presidency be an easy post? We need a leader that can rise up to any challenge and stare adversity in the face. We need a leader that can make us feel safe from all potential threats that may arise. We need a leader that makes his objective to connect with all people-regardless of our party affiliation.

The recent midterm elections echoed what the nation is feeling and what we expect. The lightning rod that gave birth to the Tea Party Movement was President Obama. In fact, I watched his presidential press conference about those elections and I paid careful attention to his words and his body language. I saw a defeated man, someone that was overwhelmed by his duties. I saw a man with no answers, I saw fear and doubt. This confirmed what I had always stated. I knew with certainty now that this was a man that bit off more than he can chew. The junior senator from Illinois had found a way to win a job that he could not handle. He is not an evil man, he is not a tyrant, I believe that he genuinely wants to help our country. He didn’t have the experience to become President and today it shows. The American presidency should not open itself to “on the job training”.  However articulate he can sometimes be at speaking he does not have the Presidential timber of those before him.

With all his faults, George W. Bush made me feel safe when he spoke to the people. I believed he always said what he thought without hesitation. I think he was courageous and bold. As he recently said himself, “History will have its say on my Presidency”. I think that the contribution of Barack Obama to history will be opening the possibility of the Presidency to minorities. Because of Barack Obama there will one day be a woman President and a Hispanic President as well. I think that will be his legacy.         
I turned to social media last night and asked Facebook friends the simple question: “Does President Obama deserve a second term? About 30 people responded “NO” and only one person replied “YES”. Many of the people that voted for Obama will not admit it today-in regret. He has lost much support from his Democrat and liberal base. Conclusion, I do not think that President Barack Obama is fit to lead our nation and should not be considered for a second term.   

The problems of the United States of America are a direct result of Republicans, Democrats, and us-the voters. We always have a say in who we elect to public office. The party bickering and constant contests to see who has a bigger **** is counterproductive to the American People and our way of life.  Together, were always either going to sink or were going to swim.

God Bless You & America,

Whilly Bermudez 


  1. No I do not believe so. I believe that it is tome to bring someone else in that is able to handle all the issues that we currently have on the table. Sadly our country has WAY too much going on and our current president has been unable to rise to the occassion. I am not sure that he was fit for his current position, he has great charisma and speaks well infront of a large audience, however, thats not enough.

  2. I will concede all the points you posted...Mr.obama walked into.
    But he has not kept his promises to the American people and when things do not work out, he blames everyone else. I personally find it offensive the way he tends to talk down to people, that he is Smarter and needs NO advice from anyone...Look at his Record and the people that did support him that are leaving...