Monday, November 15, 2010

TEXT MESSAGING: A Break Up Tool & A World Obsession.

TEXT MESSAGING: A Break Up Tool & A World Obsession.  

Miss La Rosa - Host / Commentator

I've heard people saying how they ended a relationship via text or e-mail.  Huh? Breaking up over a Text Message??? I will be the first one to say that texting is very impersonal but ending a relationship via text is just childish. The practical uses of text messaging make sense. Specifically, when in a meeting or rushing out the door- the quickest & most convenient method to communicate is “texting.”  Technology has permitted us to be able to multitask in an incredible way.  Our busy lifestyles have become much easier with e-mail, texting, IM, etc.  I'm thankful for those means of communication but do think that our growing dependency on them is a good thing? Texting is now an ordinary part of our social lives.

I think it is great to be able to text our kids in between classes to know if they're still feeling sick or if they have any type of situation that us parents need to know about.  In fact there are stories where being able to text has actually saved someone’s life.  I was very surprised to be visiting a friend one day and her child asked her for something via text.  Even more surprising is that her son was in her same house.  This surprised me but I left thinking “how can that happen?”  The following week my son texted me, “Can I have chocolate milk?” right from his room. Are you kidding???  How far have we taken this?       

Is it our new form of communicating or is it an alternative option that we’ve become obsessed with?  I believe that nothing can substitute the sound of someone’s voice.  The tone of the voice and the way you say something makes all the difference in the world. How many times have you texted someone and they've misunderstood what you typed? Yes, I do agree that texting is a great alternative to voice communicating in ‘some instances’. My busy lifestyle calls for a lot of text messaging throughout my day. I do like to think that I know how to use it in moderation and not let it be a large factor in how I communicate in my social life.

How about driving and texting?(Let's be honest please you know most of us do it) Many different states and municipalities are fighting to pass legislation to get these laws in place. According to SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, instant and text messaging while driving is close to reaching the same levels of drinking and driving. It’s more common and even more addictive to younger people.  

I feel texting should be appreciated as an alternative form of communication and not as the ONLY form.  There are ways we can all avoid misunderstandings, accidents, and according to some of you, even text break ups.  Perhaps keeping it simple and not getting into deep conversations via text is a bright idea.  When the subject or situation requires importance, then the lines should be short and concluded with a phone call or a set meeting for a face to face.

I’m still getting used to the practicality of texting. My young son is still debating with me on whether asking for his chocolate milk via-text is acceptable. Whatever we decide, one good thing is that it keeps us “talking” and we can clearly get our points across about it.  I can also give him a great big hug and kiss before his bed time ;)     

Thanks for reading,

Miss La Rosa


Whilly Bermudez - Host / Commentator

Miss La Rosa,

Yes, millions and millions are texting. In fact, 142 Billion text messages are sent annually. 74% of all mobile phone users worldwide or 2.4 billion out of 3.3 billion phone subscribers at end of 2007 are active users of the Short Message Service. I only recently discovered that 'SMS' stands for 'Short Message Service' by the way. I think that were a Techy society and so whether impersonal or not – people will continue to become dependent on its use as well as embrace more gadgets and whatever technological advances come our way. 

I myself, like many others have had romantic disconnects and misunderstandings because of texting. Maybe I just didn’t mean it- the way it read. Texting is now part of the beginning stages between two people that are starting to date. Most people no longer pick up the phone and have talks early on. Most of the actual 'date plans' happen over text or email. I have to tell you that I'm not much of a phone person, so I am guilty of a whole lot of texting.

How about when we accidentally send a text to someone other than our intended recipient? Embarrassing or real trouble? There a many ways to open up a can of worms with Text Messaging but employers are getting in on the fun too. Many employers use texting- daily with their employees. You no longer have to necessarily “call in sick” to work. You can just shoot your boss a text.

Today, it would be wise to include unlimited text usage to your mobile phone’s plan but avoid those break ups.


Whilly Bermudez

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  1. We're living in a very tech-driven world. Even as recent as 10 years ago, we didn't use texting/emailing as much as we do now. So using text messaging to break up with someone might not be the best way to break up, but it certainly isn't unheard of, much less surprising. And yes it is very childish, but we also happen to live in a childish society.