Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are Healthy Relationships & Healthy Diets Really That Different?

Are Healthy Relationships & Healthy Diets really that different

Star Roman - Host / Commentator

Sometimes you can't help but to fall for the impossible mate or the dessert tray, but does either have a healthy outcome? Is it possible to have both- the excitement of the naughty with the benefit of the nice?

Yesterday I was thinking about that question, as I sat getting sun at 1 in the afternoon listening to Coltrane and sipping XXX Acai-blueberry- pomegranate Vitamin Water. Is it possible to have our cake, and skip the whole baking process and calories? Living in the 21st century and seeing how some of the things that we never thought possible now are, makes me think that we can have it all.  When we were kids we were taught that as we grew unto our adolescence we could be anything that we wanted. (As long as it wasn't something like a drag queen or prostitute.) Okay, they didn't tell us that part but it was somewhere between the "don't drink and drive and be home by 2 am"- And of course none of us ever broke those rules right? Mhm.  

So what is a healthy relationship? What were we taught a healthy relationship is to be? Is it a relationship of love, trust, understanding, fun, and reality? One where no one gets hurt and the present moment always prevails?  It very well may be. Is it a surreal connection with a trusted unattainable soul mate that you never though could possibly exists? Where you understand that you can't have it all so you settle for the comfort of the familiar for fear of the unknown? The truth is that we justify to ourselves the things that we want to have or do; even though they may not always be the "healthy" choice.

How many times have you started a diet and lost weight only to gain it all back once you divert from the path of dietary righteousness?  I know I have many, many times. It is hard to understand moderation when you restrict yourself from the things that you really want to have.  If you don't believe me, practice restriction for one hour and respond to this blog with your results. The moment you tell yourself you can't have something, you find that you will give that something God like qualities to justify your need or want for it. It is inevitable. Still, no answer to my question- I am still left wondering- Is a healthy relationship and a diet really that different.

So, this is what I came up with: Moderation, being within reasonable limits- not excessive or extreme. It is okay to fall for the death by chocolate or interesting best friend, as long as we understand moderation. That is a definite maybe, I think. We have to see the consequences before we say "Life's too short, eat the chocolate" or "Tomorrow we'll go back to being friends". < < Say Goodbye Lyrics by Dave Mathews Band, Great Song- Rockin Band)

 I am sure that there will be bad times, where mistakes will be made and decisions will become unclear and unsure. These are the facets of our lives from which we draw experiences and learn from. The excitement of the naughty is within all of us, so is the benefit of the nice. If we are nice to our bodies we will benefit from a long healthy life full of vigor and enthusiasm. If we drink 8 Bellini's and smoke 2 packs of Marlboro Ultra Lights three days a week and go to sleep in the morning… Well, you get it.

I thought to myself moderation as I tossed the Vitamin Water and reached for the sun block.

Thanks for reading,

Star Roman

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