Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Women More Likely to Cheat Than Men

Women More Likely to Cheat Than Men

Marcos Viñas - Host / Commentator 

The world has been turned on its head, so don't ask me to trust you!

Thought women were more loyal to their partners? Not anymore! A new survey reveals that women are far more likely to cheat than men - so much for being love rats. One in five said they would go for another man if they fell for him, while only nine per cent men said they would remain faithful.

The survey conducted by Coffee and Company amongst 3,000 people revealed that women aged 35 to 40 were most likely to cheat. Many were childless and embark on flings in a bid to get pregnant.

But while 15 per cent of men would forgive a cheating wife or girlfriend, just 12 per cent of women would take back a partner who strayed.

Only 12 percent single men said they would try to seduce a married woman or one in a long-term relationship.

"Sometimes the need to experience motherhood overrides moral values about someone else's marriage vows,” the Sun quoted C and C boss Lorraine Adams as saying.

Women More Likely to Cheat on Vacation Too

Maybe it's the fact that vacation for us means "unlimited daiquiris served by a cabana boy" rather than, say, an ice-fishing trip, but one thing's certain: Women are more likely to cheat while on vacation than men.

According to a poll of people who use the website Illicit Encounters (the U.K. version of Ashley Madison), one-third of spouses who are already cheating can't resist the temptations that vacations offer, and 6 percent of those polled cheat even when they're on vacation with their spouses. Even though cheating husbands are more likely to take their mistresses on vacation than their wives, married women on girlcation with their friends are more likely to cheat than their male counterparts.

There must be something about the combination of the sun, the alcohol and the liberty of not having to listen to the sound of the man you've been with for years do his nightly, half-hour-long body-scratching routine. Our advice: If you can't keep it in your pants, maybe you should make yourself the designated driver / map reader. Or take your girlfriends on a whirlwind tour of rural Iowa -- that should shrink anyone's libido.

Marcos V


  1. It is very rare the women that cheat because they are physically attracted to a man. Most woman cheat for emotional reasons. They are attracted to another man because he has something that her significant other doesn't or the other guy can giver her something her significant other can't. I do not agree with cheating and if a relationship is about to get to that point then it is best to walk away, but we are all human and at one point or another we make mistakes.

  2. I think I'll have to go 50-50% on this one...But may I add that a Women having an Affier with another Woman...does not feel this is Cheating on their man...

  3. oooh.. some one sounds jilted.... :~(

  4. I agree! The thing is, men talk, women take it to the grave, sneaksters ! Lol