Friday, January 7, 2011

Nice Guys Know How to Attract Women But Insecure Nice Guys Dont

Nice Guys Know How to Attract Women But Insecure Nice Guys Dont

The one thing that all "Nice Guys" who think women don't like "Nice Guys" have in common is a lack of high self esteem and insecurity around women.
In fact many of them say they are nice guys simply because it sounds nice. You can feel sorry for the nice guys because he tries so hard and things just dont seem to go his way.

Yet if we called these guys what they really are insecure guy it would be much harder to feel any sympathy for them and most people would simply tell them to do something about it.

I have taken the time to explain the difference between a "nice guy" and a "insecure guy" so that you insecure guys can know who you are as I am sure most guys are off doing nice things right now instead of worrying about how to get a woman to like him.

A Nice Guy is Someone Who:
  • Helps Old Ladies
  • Volunteers
  • Helps Children
  • Helps His Family
If you notice a real nice guy doesn't do anything for a woman who he finds attractive because she doesn't need help he treats her the same way he treats everyone else who is fully capable of helping themselves.
In fact most of the people he does help he does so for the reward of helping a person in need not for the sexual favors that it might bring.
An Insecure "Nice Guy" is someone who:
  • Buys women he just met expensive dinners and gifts
  • Seeks approval of women
  • Allows women to walk all over him
  • Does whatever a woman ask him
  • Wants women to approach him or wait forever till he gets the courage to ask
Everything the insecure nice guy does is for women that he finds attractive, rarely might he fall into the "Nice Guy" category but even then he expects women to find that attractive and that's the main reason why he does it rather than the experience itself.

He might say something like you know I could've been a Wall Street Power Broker and make a lot of money but I chose to be a school teacher and women just don't seem to care.

If you really are a nice guy and you are having trouble attracting women perhaps it is because you like the sound of nice guy better than that of insecure guy. Now if you want to attract women you can learn how or continue to be an Insecure Nice Guy and continue to be taken advantage of.

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