Monday, January 24, 2011

Act Like a Man (SOMETIMES)

Act Like a Man (SOMETIMES)

  • There are times when she wants you to be an old-school man.
  • She can stand up for herself, but she does want you to step in from time to time.
  • Being a man in the bedroom isn't about being the initiator.
"...there are still times when a woman expects some old-fashioned, testosterone-fueled male behavior, when you can feel free to let out all the clichéd swagger you’d normally suppress as a modern man."
In the age of metrosexual styling and television psychiatry, the concept of what is manly has become rather confused. Women now expect you to have a sensitive side and not to be afraid of showing it. Yet there are still times when a woman expects some old-fashioned, testosterone-fueled male behavior, when you can feel free to let out all the clichéd swagger you’d normally suppress as a modern man. Essentially, there are times when she wants you to act like a man. But when? Certainly a guy who acts that way all the time probably has some issues with self-esteem or status, but in small doses at the appropriate times, acting manly is admirable.

When Confronting A Stranger

Whether he stepped on her foot in a crowded club or made a rude comment, if a stranger is disrespectful to your lady, he deserves a talking-to. Act like a man, speak up and insist that he apologize for his transgression. In most cases, the stranger will say sorry and move on. Although your girlfriend is perfectly capable of standing up for herself, she’ll appreciate that you care enough to make sure she is treated properly. Remember, a gentleman resorts to using his fists in confrontation only in extreme circumstances.

At Work

Using the best of your masculine qualities in the workplace will ensure that you will be respected by colleagues and superiors. Stand up for yourself and your ideas. Learn how to communicate without being confrontational. When it comes time to ask for that raise or promotion, keep your head held high while you highlight your value to the company. Confidence and eloquence will go a long way to helping you reach your career goals and making your family proud.

When Dealing With A Crisis

A man should take control in a crisis. Whether it’s a life-threatening event like a car accident or a matter of how the rent is going to get paid during a month when money is tight, as a man you should step up and take charge, getting everyone to work together to come up with solutions. This is no time to panic, break down or let someone else take the reins. When you show yourself to be cool under pressure, you act like a man and everyone will want you in their corner.

When Something Breaks

When something breaks around the house, don’t just pick up the phone and call someone. A man should know how to fix minor problems without calling in reinforcements. It will save money, give you a sense of accomplishment and add another item to the long list of reasons why she loves you.

How can meat influence you to act like a man?

When Tradition Calls

Manhood and meat go hand in hand. Even a man who is a hopeless cook should be able to take command of the grill or carve up a turkey in front of salivating guests. Performing traditional, masculine tasks like these allows you to amp up the machismo without being obnoxious. People expect the man of the house to pick up the carving tools and, as long as you do a decent job, no one will question your right to wield them.

In Bed

Acting like a man in the bedroom is not all about taking charge and being the initiator. Being “the man” when it comes to sex means making sure your woman is taken care of in terms of her pleasure. A man isn’t afraid to take his time to do a job right, and that’s never truer than it is between the sheets. It’s also manly to learn how to be your very best at something and the easiest way to be the best lover you can be is to ask for her feedback and use what you’ve learned.

Be A Man

Some of your masculine tendencies may be frowned upon among the civilized (crushing beer cans on your forehead impresses no one outside a fraternity house), but there are times when acting like a man is called for and encouraged. Don’t confuse being a man with being a jerk. A real man operates with respect and consideration for the people in his life.

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