Monday, January 17, 2011

Why Do Straight Girls Kiss Their Girlfriends? Turn On or Turn Off?

Why Do Straight Girls Kiss Their Girlfriends?

This is for all the guys who are concerned about their relationship because their girlfriend has admitted to kissing another girl!
Have you ever heard that Katy Perry pop song - I kissed a girl and I liked it? Well, I admit, it's kinda true, in a comedic way! But men who find themselves in this particular circumstance within a relationship don't always see it as being funny. They can become very worried. I know. I once unintentionally completely freaked my boyfriend out! I'm talking here about straight women, usually within the 18-35 year old age bracket, 'French Kissing' their female friends (and even friends of friends) on the odd occasion. Yep, having a good old snog! And there is usually alcohol involved. There is usually single girls involved too and other men around - who we are trying to thrill. I'm talking about females in party mode! And men, you don't have anything to worry about!

You see, while a straight woman can still appreciate another woman's body, we just don't 'appreciate' it in a sexual way from the waist down the way men do. We do not feel the same way about women as you do. For us, there is no attraction to do anything to ANY GIRL down there! It doesn't appeal to us. We think about it almost as much as NEVER! Sometimes we will kiss, or touch each other's bra's though. And if you're dating one of us at the time, while some boyfriends will get a kick out of it, others will be confused. It does give guys the wrong impression.

In my case, my boyfriend was concerned that because of alcohol being involved (actually quite a few Margarita's) as well as the knowledge that I kissed one of my un-attached girlfriends. He thought maybe I was secretly bisexual and the alcohol somehow brought out my bisexual nature. While it may sound logical, it's just not true. At the time I had a lot of explaining to do to convince him otherwise!
Straight women don't completely understand the feeling a man gets about two or more women being together sexually, but we most definitely do know that for many men that it is one of their bigger fantasies. So we can, and will play on this, almost unashamedly at times.
I'm not saying it's admirable behavior. But when we do, it's usually just to get someone's attention. It is because we want to show off, or to create a stir, to have a laugh, and sometimes just for fun. We use it as a tool. That is the comedy for us, we are acting! And usually at the time we don't see any harm in it. We don't even realize that our partners could see these actions as 'cheating'.
I'm not saying we aren't slightly curious about how another girl kisses, but the feeling is more like the feeling of - It's cool to know how she kisses other men compared to me, she's pretty good/bad at it. There are no further hidden secrets we hold about it. It's a giggle for us, and nothing more.
It does not mean we have decided to change our sexuality. The focus is often more on, did we put a big smile on that guys face by doing that? Or are we good at teasing guys tonight? This is because we have single friends involved, or we are just playing teeze.
You'll find we haven't kissed any girls outside our immediate circle of friends (Sorry, no 'Hot' random strangers have tempted your girlfriends lips) typically one of the friends is single and the single one is trying to get a guy's attention - your girlfriend's going along with it for the fun. We see it as harmless because we both know neither one of us is Gay. We only want men sexually. This is 'playing' to the men by pretending we are into regularly kissing each other.
But these terribly cheeky situations don't come up regularly with our girlfriends. It's infrequent. That's because to us, it's only exciting in 'the moment'. After the event we don't think about it. Unless to laugh. It feels like it was just a funny 'female bonding' type experience and we don't sexualize the occurrence in our memories.
This is why we think your worries about our sexuality since it occurred are ridiculous. We go as far as wanting to giggle when you mention it. It's true that we don't know an example of a kind of 'male bonding' experience which is similar to use as an to explain it to you. But rest assured, a straight girl likes all a man’s 'manly bits', which women just can't give us. We're into you. In fact, sometimes so much into you that we will go as far as play acting to try to give you the things you fantasize about!

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