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Romance and an Interesting Conversation on WHAT ARE YOU REALLY LOOKING FOR IN A GUY?

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My close friends often ask, "What do you look for in a guy?" This is a very interesting question that I've given a lot of thought to lately. After much deliberation, I've finally narrowed it down. In this fine process of elimination, I have noted that a very big part of this question is that it is really about me. What am I looking for in a guy?

Aside from the natural things that every human being should be equipped with like loyalty and honesty is also the ability to able communicate and to be understanding. Those are the essentials to successful relationships in general. So am I looking for this in “a guy” of course and not just in guys, I’m expecting those things in everyone.

I’m not the perfect fit therefore I’m not looking for the perfect fit. I want a mirror. Show me everything that is holding me back. Bring me to my own attention so I can make the changes I need to make in my life. Be the most important person that I have ever met. Tare down my walls and help me awaken from my dream state.

People come into our lives and they help us reveal another layer of ourselves. So shake me up, show me my obstacles and my addictions, carve your way into my heart and show me a higher state of consciousness.
I’m looking for the reality of the present moment not for the rulebook of intimacy because maybe there are no rules. Perhaps, those will have to be defined as we go along.

I’m looking for romance and interesting conversation.  I am looking for a grounded person with meaningful foundation and a strong desire for life.
I don’t care if I need to stay up crying all night long. Stay up with me. Protect me until I die. Be stronger than my bad days, and braver than my lonely ones. Don't let anything exhaust you please, especially me.

Celebrate with me in my successes. Be supportive of my goals and dreams. Have your own goals and dreams and look forward to celebrating in their success. That’s what I’m looking for in a guy. I’m not looking to be rescued. 

Honesty, loyalty and understanding- those are a given. What are you about? What moves you? What would you like to experience with “the one”. Come on- our relationships often fail because too often we settle for things that should be given from the very beginning. And how can we expect magic if we are merely settling for traits that should be given?

In the infamous words of Carrie Bradshaw: “I am looking for love, real love. Ridiculous, consuming, can’t live without each other love”
What are you really looking for in a guy?             

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  1. Well... this is a very good question. Every girl I am sure will have a similar answer.. All we are looking for is an all around good guy, in my case I do not require much.. I would just like someone who will treat me the way I deserve to be treated, someone who will not just be my lover but my best friend. Someone that I can count on to repesent me and I will do the same back. I dont need a guy with a money or a fancy car, although those are nice to have as anyone will tell u, its not going to in any way bring you happiness. In many instances if a man throws money at u they think u owe them and that u have to tolerate ANYTHING they do, and um newsflash.. BIG MISTAKE! Feelings are a big part to, and ladies remember if a man is a good father, brother, or son there's a BIG chance that he will be a good boyfriend/hubby. So I would just like a genuine guy that doesn't play games like he's still in his 20's.. Maturity is BIG! I think that sums it up in a nutshell! ♥

  2. a quality good man that doesn't play games and is ready for love....

  3. a guy that is humble & honest that is not into playing games...

  4. my laundry list is long- but very basic. first and foremost- chemistry. followed by communication and loyalty. he has to be driven, intelligent, witty, honest, caring, giving, genuine. He has to have a sense of self and love himself. he has to be secure and value the basic things in life. God given things- family, friends, good health, happiness, love. Our morals and values have to be similar. He can appreciate the finer things in life- but not be enslaved to them. He has to understand that relationships take a lot of work, time, energy and that flame that burns bright in the first 3 months has to continuously be ignited. He has to love the "me" that I love. My life partner- by best friend- he whom I love most and respect. He has to be amazing with my son- and although my son has a great father- he has to understand that he will also mold his life. A man that is great to his mother - will also be to his wife. :) If such a man exist I will give him my heart, my soul, my very being...but my mind will always be mine. I will be everything I listed above to him and much more. For the record... I know he's out there~ we just haven't met. ;) Wish me luck! Lol