Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Whilly Bermudez - Host / Commentator

In 2009 there was a song written for an episode of the hit television series ‘Lie to me’. The song was appropriately called “White Lie”. Here are some of the lyrics:

‘I say I’m ten when I’m nine and a half, my uncle tells a joke and I try to laugh, In gym I fake a headache when I want to quit, I say I love the sweater that my grandma knit, but that’s a White Lie, the one you want to tell, a White Lie so my mom wont yell’.

The rest of the lyrics go on to more short and catchy phrases. So let’s get off on an honest foot and say that we ALL tell White Lies in order to prevent conflicts or awkward situations. We say that we liked that gift when we really didn’t. We exaggerate how much weight we actually lost. We made up an excuse as to why we were late getting there. How about running into an ex boyfriend at Publix but not letting your current boyfriend know? Whether you know it or not, you’ve breached a trust.

I was mostly raised in a Catholic /Christian setting and was taught that all lies are sins and against God. If I were to write here that I had never uttered a lie, then I would most definitely be a liar; as would anyone else who chose to say those words. What exactly is the loophole we manage to wiggle through to justify to ourselves and to others that our lie was okay? But before answering, remember, 'the road to hell was paved with good intentions.'

This morning I ask you. Is an often trivial, diplomatic, or well-intentioned untruth still a Lie? Wait let me help youLies come in many disguises, but no matter how well intended or how we dress it, it's still a lie.     :-)

Thank you for being honest & taking the time to read, but what do you guys think?

Whilly Bermudez


Miss La Rosa - Host / Commentator


I have to say that I have agreed to disagree in the past with you. On this one I agree to agree. We have all lied at some point whether it be for a good reason or not. I think some become so comfortable with the so called “little lies” that it becomes a hard habit to break. The question is who are we lying to in reality?

I believe that when we lie, we are only being untrue to ourselves. We are the ones that have to live knowing that we lied about anything. Whether it be big or small. “A lie no matter how small puts our truths in doubt”. Yes, we've all been there at some point or another and either we move forward and learn to surround ourselves with the positive OR continue to sink in our own puddle of negativity. Sometimes we lie because we feel others are doing it to us as well. I don't want to get thrown in that puddle as well. It is what it is.

Ultimately the mirror reflects who we are. Lies are conflicting with any type of advancements or growth for ourselves. The damage is done only to ourselves.

With all sincerity, Thank you all for reading.

Miss La Rosa


  1. A lie is a lie no matter what!

  2. A lie is a lie is a lie

  3. There are lies and then there are fables... And don't get me started on "I'm not lying I just omitted the truth " <-cant be mad at that!

  4. Everything in this world is a lie in one form or another ..... Religion .... Politics .... You have to say what "people" want to hear whether TRUTH or not

  5. Depends on what side of it your on...

  6. ...paint a lie any color and it's still a lie...

  7. A lie is a lie cause it's not the truth .
    It's black or white

  8. Why does a lie have to be White?

  9. TILL A LIE! If looks like a DUCK and WALKS like a DUCk even if its white its still a DUCK RIGHT

  10. The truth hurt and we all know we have said a white lie before to spear someone's feeling

  11. yes. a silent lie is lie. a skewed lie is a lie. a lie is a lie... even if one is the only one who knows it.

  12. ABSOLUTLEY .. Being deceitful is a lie as well ..

  13. Unfornatly a lie is a lie, but in some cases you need to lie in order to get to the Truth.

  14. White, black, green are still colors, aren't they??? Hope this answers your question!

  15. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don't have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy!

  16. "real eyes realize real lies" - say that one out loud.

    Well WB, allow me to narrow the scope a little because I think everyone agrees that a Lie is a Lie. Can lies be good?

    I think they can. Its all relative and certainly not black and white. Lying for the benevolence of someone else, like grandmas red knit sweater that she bought on sale at Macy's THAT I LOVED, and quickly returned for a $14.95 store credit?? Let's just try not to make this white lie thing habitual.