Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Mystery Note Found on a Windshield. DAYDREAMING

A Mystery Note Found on a Windshield... DAYDREAMING

Star Roman-  Host / Commentator 

Dear Love,

I missed you today when I awoke from my slumber only to find my heart empty and my eyes still tired. My dreams are slowly becoming as I sleepwalk steadfast throughout my day wondering how you are. And they are most definitely bittersweet, like the rest of me.

I’m a little scared. I know I shouldn’t say that. Although I will admit it is a thought that frequently visits the back of my mind lately. I shouldn’t feel this way, I know and that isn’t even the hardest part; the hardest part is that I did this knowingly. You have somehow changed me and I am not sure what that means exactly. I certainly do not know you long enough to feel this way but I certainly do long to know you better perhaps, because I enjoy you deeply. I’m not good at relationships. You make me feel uncertain, awkward, weird, vulnerable and a few other things that I’m too prude to write.

There are so many reasons why I shouldn’t tell you this: I have left the broken wreckage of relationships behind me. I couldn’t stand to ever hurt you and though I am very concerned that you will hurt me I have taken the chance and fallen anyway. I hope you can forgive me.


Your Muse. (I’m flattered)



  1. Wow that is from the heart, and would move mountains in my book.... When there is Honestly it could change everything....

  2. Mystery note on the windshield or in the mailbox are awesome, especially if you have an idea of who it may be from. Men should do things like this more often...Whatever happened to romanticism? Texting does not make up for mystery notes! lol

  3. Wow, ummmm. Kind of speechless on that one! Let's see what other comments may arise from this one.