Thursday, November 11, 2010



Rosie Q - Host / Commentator 

Ahhh Facebook, the site/place where anyone can be someone imaginary! What some may consider the best social media site ever created.  No matter what you think of it, you have to give Mark Zuckerberg credit.  He created a site where you could poke your friends from miles and miles away, while posting pictures of yourself 20 pounds less than what you really are now.  You can create a profile that reflects more that of your successful cousin than that of yours, while constantly posting and advising friends of the fabulous places and people you are supposedly "hanging" with.

Facebook is a very powerful tool, more than one could ever imagine.  It gives you the power to make others believe anything you may possibly want them to believe and to BE who you want to be.  With the simple click of a mouse, you can create an entire fictitious life that many may even envy.  Facebook is the source to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and co-workers but most importantly it is a tool to promote "yourself."  This site gives you the opportunity to be that social butterfly you might not have the courage to be in reality.

We've all been in the situation at least once where we have contacted someone over Facebook whom we wouldn't normally have the courage to come up to in person.  But on Facebook, you could poke, request, post a message on their wall or more discretely write an email without the embarrassment of being shut down.  Granted, you might not receive an email or post in return, but heck, it definitely beats not to be embarrassed in person.

However, many consider Facebook the most childish and impersonal means of communication.  Of course, those are the people who are left out on all the great news and upcoming events such as "High School Reunions,” Surprise Birthday Parties, Holiday Shopping Sprees, Private Affairs and the occasional Networking Events.  Some of these folks even argue that Facebook has damaged their relationships, ran out of new wardrobe, created conflicts with their line of work, established contacts with stalkers, etc.

Business owners are now using Facebook as a source to do background checks on potential employees or on their current employees.  Many have lost their jobs, or the possibility of a position, simply due to the images and information featured on Facebook.  One must really think twice about how they are really placing themselves out there and the reputation they are selling with the information and images posted on sites such as Facebook.  While trying to prove your wild side to those old college and high school friends, you just might be trying to impress the wrong crowd, potentially branding yourself as an immature party-goer rather than a young professional with a free-spirit and networking ability.

Ever since the beeper era, short-hand, codes and/or abbreviations have been in style and used to communicate.  However, more and more new abbreviations are being created each day, slowly but surely moving away from proper grammar and spelling when writing.  Facebook has been one of the many sources that has permitted the continuous use of abbreviations.  This may well take away from the image that you withhold, reflecting the inner immaturity rather than the professionalism and stability in ones image.  Abbreviations such as FML, BIFFLES, ILY, BFF, etc. are just a few of those used by young Facebookers.  Many may feel that these abbreviations reflect the hip and outgoing side in actuality, they are a turn off to many.

All in all, Facebook gives you the power, the tool and the right to be anyone you want.  To express your most artificial and sometimes most honest thoughts, while branding yourself whether it is an improvement or not.  It has become one of, if not the most, important tool of communication and will continue to grow through time without a doubt.  It will continue to create envy, strengthen friendships and establish long distance relationships.




Marcos V - Host / Commentator 

Mrs. Q,

Your article was very informative and echoes what a lot of people think. It’s interesting how you point out that anyone can pretend to be someone they’re not on Facebook or on social media. Going further, you also identify how to recognize the immature or younger Facebook audience. First allow me to comment on the “Imaginary” portion of your article because i feel it's the most vital.

Many times I’ve seen how people on Facebook post status updates that are simply not true. They give updates that make them look like they have a great life and have achieved the stature of a celebrity, millionaire, CEO, or a sought after super model. They post updates like: “Chilling on the Yacht” (when they’re really home playing domino's), “Life is Good /I Love my life” (when they’re really at odds with the family & dealing with an emotional breakup), “Can’t wait for my photo shoot-my agent is soooo excited” (when it’s some sleazy photographer from Facebook that’s taking the photos for his perverted collection), “What a view from my room (with photo uploaded)” (when he/she uploaded the beautiful scenery of the rocky mountains from google). Yes, the list goes on about Imaginary lives and their social deceit.

Let me end today’s commentary with ‘how to recognize the youngsters on Facebook’. I do want to point out that the younger audience is entitled to their silly sayings, clichés, jersey shore references, and acronyms. (Just like we did when we were 25 & under). So here’s what gives it away:
        FML (Fuck My Life)  *Not only is this immature to use but it’s kind of negative as you’re cursing your entire existence.   Adults use: “What a bad day, what a mess, I can’t believe this happened”

2.     BFF / BIFFLES  (Best Friend) *It’s just very childlike and not something a grown person would use)    Adults use: “my close friend, my good friend, etc.

3.     ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) *LOL –Laugh out Loud should be sufficient. Anything further is overkill. Adults use: “LOL, That was funny”, or HAHAHA.”

4.     SYMBOLS & SHORTCUTS (Typing words by using crazy symbols & shapes or making abbreviations that simply do not exist) *Adults just don’t do that.

So those are some of the basic indicators of recent high school grads. Yes, there are several more but we will cover them in another future topic. For now, I understand the Facebook community a lot better and I hope you do too. 

Moral of my story... I rather you be a little immature than to just be a lie. Be young, be old, but be yourself. 

Thanks for reading & God Bless,

Marcos V 


  1. I enjoyed rdg the blog, but I don't think it's that easy to "fake" a life on FB, as was in the time of AOL chat rooms and annonymous screen names. An imaginary life on FB is easily spotted when in spite of the person's "exciting" life they have little interaction w/others. Also, people who have "a life" often show up on friends' posts and pictures. Fake lives cannot fake real interaction between people. You can fake pics and places but only for so so. :-)

  2. Rosie Q makes some valid points, many people do post fake photos and misleading information. But for me, they are usually easy to spot. The "picture-perfect" impossibly good-looking people are usually fake if they have only one profile photo and no other personal photos to back it up. You can also tell alot about a person by the compnay they keep. If their friends are from all over the planet but very few or none at all from where they live, most likely fake. I for one, enjoy Facebook alot. I love hearing from those who were close to me but now live too far to see regularly, but I know them and they know me. My new friends where I live and even those I network with, don't really know but chat with on regular basis. Yes Facebook is not perfect, but then neither is real life.

  3. L's & G's,

    The more active one is on his or her "e-life", the less active one is on his or her "real-life".

    or has this e-life phenomena become real life? Wait, where am I again?

    My real qualm with facebook is the duckface pose that women seem to take of themselves from a high profile angle...whats with that ish?? Save that pose for a mirror, not a lens.

    Final message: Mr. Lemon endorses facebook but keep it real. Let pple like and love you for who you are not what you are pretending to be.

    Mr. Lemon