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Pre-Valentine's Day 101 for the Guys

Pre-Valentine's Day 101 for the Guys

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it's a great time to start treating the woman you love. Here, you will explore ways to make a partner feel special during the ten days approaching Valentine's Day. Why ten days? Why not? It is a round number and it gives you plenty of time to give her the attention that she deserves for picking the best guy around. It is really her day, after all.

This journey will make you appreciate her more because you are focusing so much energy into her in this time. And what thanks you will get after you have reminded her of the sensitive and 
loving man of her dreams!

Before getting started on these unique ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, try a fun riddle: "I am just two of two. I am hot. I am cold. I am the parent of numbers that cannot be told. I am a gift beyond measure, a matter of course. I am given with pleasure when taken by force. What am I?" (Contributed by an anonymous writer. Answer is at the bottom.)

Preparing for Valentine's Day

Ten days until Valentine's Day and it is time to dig up some old spice from your past time together. Whether it is a new love that you are celebrating or an old one, bring on some memories. Perhaps you have taken pictures together or you still have some old movie tickets or love notes around. You might have to raid her drawer to find those long-lost treasures but it is a good time to pull those out and start a conversation with her about some of the great times you two have had. Begin to wonder with her about your lives and how close you have become – how wonderful it will be to make new memories for yourselves.

When there are nine days until Valentine's Day, give her a short, sweet note and leave it on the mirror at home for her to wake up to or find when she returns from work. This is your chance to be really mushy, guys!

When there are eight days before Valentine's Day, why not wash those dishes or clean out that cat litter box for her? She does the upkeep around the place to keep it nice for you every day, right? Give her an extra break today and beef up your standing.

Seven days until Valentine's Day, and hopefully, you plan to take her to that nice restaurant on February 14, so go ahead and make reservations (though remember that some really popular restaurants book months in advance.) Or plan the menu for a nice home-cooked dinner in with the good china. Surprise her with your grandmother’s special recipe!

When there are just six days until Valentine's Day, write her a longer love letter from your heart. Tell her everything that you keep inside when you hate to disagree and when you just don't say it. Let all the feelings of appreciation flood into a letter of your intent. Sell her your love again.

Revving Things Up to Prepare for Valentine's Day

When there are just five days before Valentine's Day, go out and find her favorite body spray, lotion, or perfume, and buy some for her. Give it to her when she’s not expecting a gift from you. It might also be a good time to find a gift for the big day.

There are four days until Valentine's Day. When was the last time you two went somewhere unimportant together just to be in the same place at the same time, enjoying each others company? Go shopping for groceries with her or take a walk in the neighborhood. Maybe just window shop at the mall for an hour or two – just because.

When there are just three days left before Valentine's Day, it's time to take a photo of yourself and make a homemade card so that you can give it to her on Valentine’s Day. Oh, but that’s not all! She needs a special massage from you. Ask her where she’s feeling stressed today and do your best handiwork on those sore muscles. Who knows? You just might get a “thank you” massage right back!

When there are just two days to go until Valentine's Day, rent her favorite “girl” movie and watch it with her! She will love you just for that!

Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day

When there's just one day before Valentine's Day, it's time to give her breakfast in bed. Who could possibly deserve it more? Make what she loves to eat and give her a sweet good-morning kiss to wake her.

When Valentine's Day finally arrives, you might find that you've fallen in love with her all over again. She may be on cloud nine and you probably don’t want to stop all of this flowering of attention. Whatever you decide to do or give on this day is entirely up to you but remember that the girls love a little bling. If it’s not in your budget then make sure you send those roses to work to meet her. Put your hand-made card in with them. Nothing will make her glow more than to be able to show her peers how much her man loves her. She has already told them about her wonderful week with you.

Congratulations to you! You have made the two of you the happiest couple around. Now it is up to you to reap the benefits of a satisfied woman and a renewed sense of love and appreciation in the relationship.

(Answer to riddle: "I am a kiss!")

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