Monday, February 14, 2011


Sorry, Enzyte Does Not Work.

Gotta love free speech and the power and reach of the internet. After all, I feel ripped off on the damn $130 I dropped on the pills. I must admit, I was initially introduced to this supplement and Smiling Bob when I was flipping through some cable channels late one night. There were some very promising claims advertised in the Enzyte commercial that I stumbled upon. To boot, there were some outstanding enzyte testimonials on the commercial. Alright, so who honestly doesn’t want harder erections and more stamina? It definitely forced it down your throat that they could deliver that. They had you believing that the effects of this supplement were amazing.
I don’t know exactly what I was thinking at the time, but I decided to actually look into this product after seeing the commercial. Looked up a bunch of stuff online including those twisted male enhancement testimonials, and I got this crazy notion in my head that maybe I should give this a shot. I mean, if 2 million customers are supposedly using the product world-wide (according to the commercial), why shouldn’t I be? I mean if they all appreciate the effects of enzyte, why shouldn’t I?
I picked up four boxes from my local GNC on one of their member discount days. $130 later, I walked out of the store thinking I was in for a treat. The positive effects of this pill, are advertised all over the box, so it must be good, right? Better yet, there are some great enzyte testimonials on Enzyte’s website – it must be outstanding.
So, I started taking the pill for supposed “once a day sexual enhancement” or whatever crap they market. I think my first mistake was buying a four month supply when GNC only had a 30 day return policy. When I started taking this, I noticed absolutely nothing. The effects just weren’t there. They advertise optimal results after 3 months, so I think I got conned into thinking maybe Enzyte will work over time.
Long story short, after 3 months and $130 in the hole, Enzyte didn’t do anything! Enzyte does not work. As a matter of fact, I even noticed that I couldn’t get as hard as I was before I started taking it. What? Yes, It is that crappy. Seriously, avoid it all cost so you don’t have to live through the damn embarrassment I did. My testimonials are “product sucked” and “enztye doesn’t work, period” – I’d like to see them publish those.
Strangely enough, my buddy recommended a product he tried that was awesome. I guess I’m a pushover to find a supplement that can get you harder and make you last longer for cheap. So, I have no issue writing about it since I’m so pissed about this supplement in my current state of mind. I hope this product loses some business because of this. My buddy had me try some Capatrex (link to capatrex) which he bought online. It worked really well, and I noticed the effects quickly, which makes me wonder why the hell Enzyte could be so bad. I mean, this has been around selling their crap forever. Maybe their formulation is just that terrible.
If you’re looking for a male enhancement pill that works, you might want to give the Capatrex pills a try. It’s much cheaper than Enzyte anyway. I’ve ordered a couple times online from Capatrex (link to capatrex) it’s been a good experience. I told my local GNC about it, and they are going to look into getting some. If you get the chance, you might want to check it out. So Capatrex (link to capatrex) execs, if you’re reading this, maybe you can get me a job or something! Just kidding. But by all means people, don’t be a sucker for this pill!
I’d like to leave some testimonials, but I don’t think they would publish my feedback. My testimonials will unfortunately be limited to this page only (and any other forum online that will publish my unbiased and truly ACCURATE penis enhancement testimonials).
Sorry if reading this article has wasted your time, but its 4am as I’m finishing this up, I’m still buzzing off coffee, and I’m still pissed about Enzyte. I had to let you all know.
Does enzyte work? Does it really works? Nope. It does not work, period.

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