Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turn a Hoe into a Housewife. Today!

Turn a Hoe into a Housewife. Today!

“You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife!”
That’s what they say yet everyday a hoe someplace is getting wifed, taking your place on his arm while you stay mad, talking mess. Let’s explore why you got passed up for that hoe in the first place…
Good Girls everywhere wonder why their man left them to wife a hoe and the next thing she says through her tears is, “ALL men are dogs!”  Well, that’s exactly it…it’s the dog in men that will make them chase and cuff bitches all the while knowing these women arehoes! Men have a strong desire to fuck the bitch all the men are fucking…example Kat Stacks. You looking at these words funny asking yourself why would a man want to fuck a bitch that EVERYONE has fucked or is fucking? They want to hit because everyone else IS hitting and talking about it after…hoes bring out the dog in men…looking for that next nut.
Something about that hoe pussy has to be so incredibly good or why else would other men keep spreading the word? Dudes will often risk what they have at home to fuck a known tramp and when she breaks the wrong dude off too good…it triggers something else in him…something much deeper in him awakes making him want to wrap this girl up and make her all his. Into the phone booth your old dude goes to switch from Kent to Captain Save a Hoe. Yes, he knows about all the dicks she’s sucked but he doesn’t care because she gives him everything he wants and his love can make her change her ways…he cansave her…it’s in his nature. Your ex is about to walk down the aisle with the hoe because he loves her. ::cues Too Short’s, “I Know You Love Her”::
How can a man love a woman who is promiscuous? Easily. She knows how to give him everything that he wants…everything you won’t give him. You’re still mad though and quoting Too Short, talking about the hoe can’t stay naked. Well, you’re right she can’t stay naked but for the right man she can reform and become all his. The hoe retires, settles into life with her husband who makes her very happy, has a baby or two and that’s exactly how the hoe who sucked mad dicks before she met your father became your mother. What?!? Some of our mothers couldn’t have been hoes before they became mothers? PLEASE! Men are out there fucking everyday they have to be fucking somebody’s future mother.
Which brings me to a point that I was reminded after I saw a tweet from @.
She tweeted, “They say you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife but some of you guys be cuffin hoes …if you don’t know a female its not like she’s just gonna come out and say she’s a hoe,” which sparked a short twitter convo between us. I asked her, “So, do u think a hoe can become a good housewife? Or are hoes broken women?” @responded, “Anyone can change if they meet the right person so I believe they can become housewives.”
Clap for this intelligent woman please. In two tweets she gives us two truths:
  1. That Good Girl you love so much might not be a good girl after all. I have spent the last sixteen years giving my girlfriends this little morsel of truth, “It’s okay to be a hoejust don’t be a dirty hoe!” What I mean by that is that people, mainly women, will dog out other women who are open about enjoying their sexuality all the while knowing they themselves or their own friends which they are talking that mess to get run through just as much if not more than the hoe! When I hear a woman speaking poorly of another woman’s sexuality I give her the side-eye and I wonder when a bone will fly out her mouth because I know she’s got to be hiding some. So…yes, that Good Girl might just be very good at hiding her past.
  2. People can change! Once a hoe doesn’t equal always a hoe. If that theory were true then please don’t even get married folks because we all know most men get to freely celebrate the hoe in them without remorse and little judgment from others. So, if you really think that a hoe can’t become a housewife then a player can’t become the King of castle either! Yet, we all know people do change…everyday…we all are changing doing better today than we did yesterday. Promiscuous Patty might enjoy the flavors in college then decide to stop when she finds a man she can see herself with for the rest of her life. Just like Player Paul could decide he’s had enough of chasing after new pussy because he finally understands that no matter how shiny new pussy is the real value is in old pussy.
So, to the ladies at the salon who were talking about men don’t appreciate good women anymore because they stay cuffing hoes I say this…just because she’s a hoe doesn’t mean she can’t be a good woman to a good man! Besides the definition of what makes a woman a hoe is a very subjective one…and nowhere in anyone’s definition of what a hoe is have I ever heard them say…a hoe is a bad woman! And yes, I know a hoe is a garden tool and that some people spell it ho’ and others ho but with all the hoes I said in this post imagine all the knowledge I’ll spread to those googling in search of a true hoe aka a garden tool. ::side-eyes all of y’all::
What do y’all think? Can a hoe become a housewife? What is the lure of hoes? Why do we crucify women for being hoes aka being promiscuous but celebrate men for doing the same? These are the questions I leave y’all with…please comment and let’s discuss…the sooner we talk about the issues the sooner we can solve them.

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