Friday, April 1, 2011

Does Your Man Spend Too Much Time Playing Video Games?

Does Your Man Spend Too Much Time Playing Video Games?

By: Jay Slupesky

I work with couples as young as their early 20s, and I work with couples as mature as their 60s. In my work I’ve noticed that some men up to about age 35 or so spend a lot of time playing video games. 

I am curious about that age 35 cutoff because I can think of two possible explanations. The first possibility is that once they reach their late 30s, men begin to lose interest in video games. The second possibility, and the scarier one, is that men don’t really lose interest in video games, but that the guys who are about 35 now were the first group of pre-teens to be around when video games became really popular: they were around the impressionable age of 10 in 1983. If memory serves, that’s when the Atari video consoles were just beginning to catch on.

Regardless of which explanation is correct, I do know this: some men spend so much time playing video games that their marriages suffer as as result. To make things even worse, now that people play games against one another over the internet, it’s more common for people to become online friends with another player of the opposite sex (yes, there are some women out there playing too) and to have the relationship turn into an emotional affair.

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