Friday, May 20, 2011

How Long to Wait Before You Give it Up?

How Long Did She Wait To Have Sex?


Some girls give it up on the first date, others wait until your penis is so clogged with sperm that your brain can no longer concentrate on anything but. Whatever the case, how long she waits could be the "make it or break it" aspect of a relationship.

Now please keep in mind that certain circumstances cause couples to become closer or break further apart despite how long they wait to have sex. Not everyone is hung up on waiting for a specific time frame or rather, any time at all.

How about yourself and your significant other? Did she make you beg for it, or was she donning high leather boots and a whip off the bat? Well, if you've been in this situation before, what I'm about to reveal will likely come as no shock.

Here Comes The Bride

Some girls will wait until their wedding night (although that seems to be happening less and less nowadays) to give up the goods. And although I must admit that this is quite admirable, couples who put off having sex for too long could be in for a huge disappointment.

First off, just as healthy communication and common interests are important in a relationship, so is sexual compatibility. Imagine sleeping with her only to discover that her behavior in bed mimics that of an embalmed corpse. Or worse yet, a violent cavewoman.

If she waits until your wedding night to give it to you, she's a respectable woman and hopefully, a virgin. Yeah, and what's up with that "secondary virginity" crap anyway? Hey, once that cherry's gone, it's gone for good.

As The Months Went By

There you were, you poor goof, waiting, wondering when that day would finally come that she would flash her garden your way and give you an open invitation to a private buffet. For months, all you were getting were some wet kisses and an occasional grope of a booby or two. 

Finally, after 181 days (you know because you've been marking the days down on the calendar), or six months, she finally welcomes you into her pleasure palace. And it's the best you've ever had. But if anyone has ever listened to Eddie Murphy's stand-up comedy, Delirious , they'll know it's like "crackers."

If you're starving, and someone throws you a cracker, it'll probably be the most scrumptious cracker you've ever tasted -- the caviar of crackers if you will. But after months of the same thing, they begin to taste like ordinary soda crackers. So always keep in mind that creativity is key and it's up to both of you to keep the fire burning.

Remember that this one's a keeper and she's a rational being who doesn't jump into things impulsively.

The Three-Month Mark

If your woman waits a couple of months or so, she's probably a very sharp woman who got to know you and felt that you and she were compatible on every level, thus sex will likely be excellent.

Keep in mind that if you only went on two dates in two months, and she gave it up on the second date, then that doesn't mean she waited 2 months that means she waited two dates -- there's a huge difference.

I figure that in two months you have probably gone out on about 8 dates and therefore got to know one another somewhat. This is probably the greatest amount of time to wait because you get to know each other enough to realize whether or not there's long-term compatibility and yet, there remains an element of mysterybetween the two of you.

There's a good chance that this kind of gal has a great sex drive. And it's great that she took the time to get to know you, and let you get to know her -- outside the bedroom.

What if it takes 3 dates... or less?

One, Two, Three

If a gal waited about three dates or so before she bedded you, it's a little too iffy to predict. A whole lot can happen in only a few dates, depending on what you did. If, for example, you went out to movies or loud dance clubs on all the dates, then chances are you probably don't know much about one another.

It's quite easy to predict when a sexual relationship is purely about lust and infatuation rather than a genuine desire to get to know that person.

On the other hand, if you went out to dinner, or for coffee or drinks together, then chances are that the two of you have communicated certain personal things to one another, and there may be more than just sexual heat stirring.

First Night Fling

Although there are a rare few who have had first date sex and then a successful relationship, the majority of players who engage in this little game of sex tag right away are usually doomed from the get go. Perhaps most women are still labeled negatively when they engage in such acts, but it's hard for all of society, including women, to rid itself of this negative stereotype.

A woman who beds you before you even discover that she has a cat named Bubbles and a huge crush on Adam Sandler is probably not going to end up being the ball to your chain.

The obvious questions come into play: how many other guys did she do this with? How can she take sex so lightly? And then the usual "this was way too easy." Be careful, though, because nowadays women have become the aggressors, and it is quite possible that you'll end up being the one who feels cast-off.

Everything But The Hole

What about those women who refuse to let you insert, but will basically do everything else under the sun? The kind of women who think that if they let you smack it up, flip it and rub it down without penetrating her vagina, then she's still pure. My goodness, some people really have a distorted definition of "virginity."

So you get to stick it in everything but the garden is she worth planning a wedding for? Bloody unlikely. She's a horny girl, obviously, but isn't anything more than a kiss a little too much on a first date?

If You Wait, They Will Come

If you're dating a woman, why not take the high road and do the holding out yourself? I know, I know, that would require nothing short of dirty magazines and lots of lube, but she'll end up wanting you more than ever.

Anticipation is the greatest aphrodisiac, and if you continuously give her small doses of the good stuff, she'll be hooked for good.

It's obvious that there is no "right time" to wait before having sex because we're all different beings and our situations, as well, may also be dissimilar. But whatever the case, your best bet would be to wait and get to know your potential bedmate somewhat.

After all, the last time I checked, sex was still a sacred experience.

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