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Is Your Husband Cheating? Save Your Marriage: A Male Perspective

Is Your Husband Cheating? Save Your Marriage: A Male Perspective Your intuition is normally a good meter to determine if your husband is cheating. Chances are that you’ve known your significant other for several years and hopefully he was faithful in the beginning. If you parallel the man you married with the man with whom you’re currently cohabitating, and you see drastic differences, there’s a good chance that there are also other changes that you may not be seeing.

Gradual transformations in behavior or temperament can be a sign that something has gone wrong in the relationship and that “something” needs to be examined. Some obvious signals are generally unavailability and inconsistency. If he is ignoring you, or if he is just not making an effort spend time with you, it is easy to guess that there may be another person in your husband’s life.
Quality Time
Frustrated Couple 2Men are social creatures that thrive off of intimacy. Rarely do we prefer to be alone than to spend “quality” time with our significant other. Notice, spending “time” is not enough. Just in case you’re wondering, going over bills is not quality time; neither is cleaning the house or rearranging the furniture. So eliminating those mundane responsibilities, how much “time” do you actually spend with your man after work or on the weekends?
Is he going to happy hour or the gym every day after work? If he gets off at 6pm and gets home around 10pm every night, there’s probably a woman taking up most of that time (unless of course he works in the valley and is stuck on the 405 freeway). Does he get up early on Saturday morning to play ball with his friends until 2pm? Well, in this case, he’s probably on the court balling, but the fact still remains that he does notwant to spend time with you and he’s looking for reasons to get away.
Frustrated CoupleI might sound like the villain for saying this, but if your sex output has dropped since you’ve taken your vows, then you may be the main contributing factor to your husband’s infidelity. If you are asking yourself if I’m I condoning infidelity, the answer is “no”, but you must acknowledge your part in this situation.
For us, sex is like the water of a relationship. Without it, the relationship dies. A friend of mine once likened sex to “communication” for women. Imagine if we came home everyday, walked right past you and went about our business without saying a word. Chances are that you would be pretty upset. Imagine if a week went by where no words were spoken. Now imagine two weeks, or even two months. Would the relationship die? It’s pretty egocentric to assume that sex is any less important that communication.
Now, I know there can be thousands of reasons you may not ever be in the mood anymore: children, the recession, Fox News, etc. These same factors affect men as well, yet we still do our part to feed the relationship with communication.
If you want to save your marriage, maybe you should take a look at 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets written by the guest of one of Oprah’s highest rated episodesMichael Webb.  I know… men need to read it too.
The Asshole
No, this is not a continuation of the previous section. Some of you may have just married “the asshole”.  This is the guy who is going to cheat on you no matter what you do. You know the type. Just give him time and he will show you his true colors. Your friends have tried to tell you about him for years in every way but outright, yet you stay. If you think back far enough, you’ll remember that he was dating someone else when you two started getting close.
Signs you’re with this guy:
phone-man-cheat1. When he needs something off his email, he’ll make you stand up so he can log in instead of just giving you the password.
2. His cell phone has a password that you don’t know.
3. He turns his phone off as soon as he gets home to avoid unexpected texts.
4. He takes “business calls” in another room.
5. He’s a grown man that occasionally spends the night at his best friend’s house.
For this guy, there is no way to save your marriage. There is no solution, but to leave. You’ve heard this before yet done nothing, so I’ll move on.
For the rest of you suspicious ladies out there, I suggest the following read.
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