Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 Is Completely YOURS

2011 Is Completely Yours
Part I

Overwhelmed" Party of one, your table is now available.

Star Roman-  Host / Commentator

I know its early in the week but its never to late to look straight forward towards the new year and all its potential...

"Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right"                        - Oprah Winfrey

Deep breaths I tell myself, the world has become so heavy. Sometimes outer things consume us. We are overwhelmed. We are visiting or being visited by family and friends for the holidays and we are pulled in so many directions. Were ready to embrace the New Year with our list of resolutions for 2011! What is good about the dawn of a New Year is that it gives us an incentive to 'start again', to discard the bad habits of the previous year and to begin afresh. In my case we might resolve to meditate more assiduously. Others may chose to be more tolerant of others, to develop a greater to kindness in challenging situations, to resolve to follow more consistently, to give more freely, and to be more focused on what is really important in life.
(Read that last one again. Read it several times)

New Year's resolutions are all about mental and physical health. It's about that wise voice within that knows what's best, urging us onward. It is that voice that talks to us. It is the thought behind the thought. It is a voice we should learn to listen to all the time and not just at the turning of the year. We are all a little overwhelmed. We have kids that are in school, little ones teething, and a home to keep cleaned and organized. We have our selves to keep stunning and amazingly refreshed. We have careers, jobs; we have so much to do. Where did the year go?  It's not easy saying goodbye to 2010 is it? Especially since it feels like we just said "Hello" to it.  Take five minute to reflect on the year 2010. Then follow these steps.

Here is "Star's" little recipe for making New Year's resolutions and keeping true to them and to your self. Like the great Sam Cooke said: "A Change is Gonna Come" Find a quite spot and grab a pen and paper. Close your eyes, and envision yourself embracing the 12 months doing exactly what you want to be doing, alongside those that you want to spend time with, where nothing is limited to you by circumstances. You are unbreakable. Write down all that you wish to accomplish. It does not matter what, everything counts.

Pre-contemplation: The desire to change is vague. This is a good time to seek information and ask your self some important questions for example "Just suppose this is as good as it gets? What can you do to more fully experience and appreciate the beauty of your life right now?"

Contemplation: Weigh the benefits of change. This is a time to get specific, to monitor behavior.

Preparation: Begin making small changes. Redirect your energy. Now's the time to tell family and friends that "A change is gonna come." This is the time to make a firm commitment.

Take Action: Banish and sacrifice vices while embracing and committing to new virtues. At this point, give yourself all the help and support you can by creating a sense of accountability to others. Encourage family and friends to push you.

Maintenance: This is the challenging part. You're finished with your old habit and into your new life. It is a lot easier to maintain your resolution than it is to regain it. Do your self a monumental favor and stay focused on WHY you set this resolution in the first place!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 Tomorrow ...


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