Friday, December 3, 2010

What In The World Is A GOLD DIGGER?

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A                     'GOLD DIGGER' ?

Marcos V-  Host / Commentator

They're not always easy to spot but you know who they are! Them damn Gold Diggers out here in Miami! They're Messing it up for those few good girls left!  They have a pretty face with a great body, they do a million photo shoots like if Hollywood was going to come calling. They believe that if they give you some ass that BMW payment must be paid!  Child Please looking good is no longer enough!

Today’s materialistic society has increased pressure on us to become more successful – or at least appear to be successful. Many respond by working harder to advance in their careers, others go for graduate school, second jobs, and extracurricular (or illegal). Still, others take a shortcut to success – gold digging. Gold digging in this context does not refer to an individual prospecting for gold (Au) during a gold rush. Instead it defines a person (usually a woman) who is looking to target and use a wealthy man for monetary benefit by means of seduction.

This new generation of virtual prospectors has a completely new set of tools to extract their booty from their victim’s “veins” aka pockets. However, many gold diggers do not completely understand the fundamentals of their practice and often suffer disappointing if not devastating results. The simplest form of gold digging has been used by almost every girl at least once: flirting with a guy at the bar in order to get a free cocktail. Warning: Mastering this technique does NOT mean you are ready to take on gold-digging full time. Gold-digging isn’t for everyone and you might not have what it takes. Below is a checklist to help would-be seductresses successfully extract atomic number 79 consistently.

·Make sure he has gold! Remember, a lot of guys out there act rich out of necessity. These days it takes more than just good looks for a guy to get a solid 7. He could have bought that used, salvage-title benz at an auction for less than the price of a Honda.

·Never brag or name drop. Nothing will turn off a rich man more than hearing you run your mouth about rubbing shoulders with Johnny Big Shot. Remember, wealthy men have big egos and your job is to stroke them.

·Never ask for anything! He will gladly offer if you’re patient.

·Diversify your prospects. Sometimes the wealthiest men are the cheapest ones because they feel like they don’t have to impress you. You can sometimes do better targeting someone who thinks they have more than they really do. Experiment with different types and see which one fits you best.

·New Money, New Money, New Money! Get it while it’s hot! New money is frivolous and easy to take.

·Do not over pursue. It is a dead giveaway if he feels something is unnatural.

·No story-telling. You’re probably not the first gold-digger he’s encountered. The damsel in distress routine is tired and implies drama. Act like you’re content with what little you have and he’ll respect your game even if he figures out what you’re up to.
Hopefully this priceless information will lead you to a successful career in gold digging! I just ask that you realize that this sets back woman's causes for Independence at least 50 years.

Seriously? If you really thought that I was encouraging you to continue your Gold Digging ways or get them started, you thought wrong!  Always respect and value yourself. Be an independent woman and pay your own way. I agree with what my brother Whilly Bermudez tweeted this past week: "Spoil Your Woman But Don't Pay Her Bills".  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

*You know a Gold Digger? Tell us about her and send us her photo. Were going to add a section on this site to expose as many Gold Diggers from the United States as we can. Send it to: 


Marcos V


  1. Many girls don't know what it us to get their degrees, have a successul job & do things on their own. They don't know what it is to be independent, thus being more like ticks on the men they prey on.

  2. Miami is the Capitol for them....