Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Be The Leading Man & Get The Woman You Want

How to Be The Leading Man & Get The

 Woman You Want

Kristi Ambrose-  Contributor

The perfect woman out there has her eyes set on you and nothing but you. All the men around her want her, give her the attention that any woman would love, yet she would never trade anything for you -- even if you haven't been giving her the special treatment that other men do. Sounds familiar, right? In the 50s it was Cary Grant, in the 90s it was Hugh Grant. By the 21st Century, it was Leonardo Di Caprio with his movie Titanic. These leading men get the right women who love them, warts and all. Amazing, isn't it? Well, you too can be the leading man type and be a suave pick up artist throughout your lifetime.

Read books; it helps. Honestly. Don't believe anyone who would claim that their "appeal" to women is purely natural. Please, that is a total crap. Art of Persuasion is something that has a formula and can be learned. You can also learn it if you only know how to do it exactly. There are tons of books out there that are specifically written to teach a man how to get the woman he wants and keep her wanting him. The basic guide is usually laid out clearly: from giving that perfect pick up line to follow up and follow through. Read these types of books; books that teach you step-by-step on how to achieve the leading man status. It will make you believe that you can do it, will help you boost your self-confidence and give you the "secrets" that men next to you won't ever reveal to you, even if you pay him 10 grand. 
Invest time to read them. It's all worth the trouble.

Practice. In your head. After reading these pick up books, use your imagination to practice the scenarios given in the books. Imagine yourself pulling a "care to have a drink" line without you getting a "no, thanks" look from your lady. Be creative and create your own pick up lines based on the examples provided in the book. Create different scenarios in your head and give your own take to the situation -- how you would handle a woman and how you would be remembered even after that first meeting. Practice In the wild. Practice makes perfect, so they say. It's true. With the secrets you learned from a pick up artist book, it's now time to give it a 
test drive.

You might blunder the first time, or you may not. Whichever the results of your test in the wilds would be, don't get discouraged or too eager. Learn from your tests and take note of both the good and the bad. In no time at all, you will reach the leading man status that only movie stars enjoy in movies they make.

Kristi Ambrose


  1. I honestly think that this can be labelled as misinformation. I do not believe in the step by step guide of how to pick up women because that would create a perception that wrongly adjusts to the needs of both men and women. No two beings are alike you see and needs and wants are both different for both sexes. To be a leading man one does not need to reprise pick up or corny one liners to be used on the opposite sex. Women are able to make up their mind within the first 7 seconds of meeting a man so before a word can come out of our mouths they have already made up their mind as to wether they'll be with you or not.
    Appearance, confidence, humor, listening, compliments have always worked my way. A simple "Care to have a drink?" or "hello my name is" always works, the rest is based on the confidence that is portrayed, the humor and charisma you bring, active listening and compliments. The art of persuasion is a sales pitch when doing just that i.e: selling a car or a home not to be used to meeting people.

  2. I have to disagree with this article. Pick-up lines and straight-from-the-manual one-liners aren't the way to go. Be yourself and the right girl will come around. The same thing goes for women.