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Let me start clear. Trust: If you’re wise then you already know that trust is an expensive thing. If we ever sit down and have a drink together, I will tell you about some of the things I’ve seen in my 34 years of life. The treachery, the deviousness, and overall deceitfulness that some women engage in are sickening to say the least. Yes, ladies I know that you’re already thinking “How about you men?”. Yes, but right now, I have the floor  J

In my world, Trust is something you have to build and I don’t give it from day 1. Sorry it’s the way it is here. So that the main element in determining whether a long distance relationship can work or not is Trust or lack of it. However, there are other factors.

Many factors determine the success and failure of a long distance relationship but after everything is said and done, I do believe that the negative ones outweigh the positives. There are many instances where it is proven that long distance relationship works and I do believe that these can be plausible. However, compare a long distance relationship to a normal one that a majority of the people in the planet experiences and you can see clearly that distance play a big role in becoming a problem.

Nowadays communication and other technological feats have broken the barrier of instant communications. Nevertheless, everyone can still agree on one thing, that nothing beats a casual conversation done face to face than compared to a one done through wires and lines of communications. Common courtesy and culture always dictates that there are certain things better said in person than done through the phone or chat. The only medium to have instant communication from a long distance relationship nowadays is through phone, chat and internet. It is almost like having a pen pal or an imaginary partner to make it more precise.

Another underlying problem is when you spend so little time together and with each other, your other means of social relationships with peers, family and friends will suffer. If you and your long distance partner agrees on a schedule for your communication and you are at a party or at a place where it will be awkward to initiate a phone conversation, then one thing or one activity has to suffer. You will have to choose either that social activity or your relationship. On the other hand, in normal relationships, your social worlds can safely coexist along side with your normal relationship. This tends to be a little harder with long distance relationships as you will sacrifice one from another.

One of the biggest problems with long distance relationships depends on how it started. Relationships that began as long distance often fare better than those where one person had to move away. First, not everyone is receptive to the idea of a long distance relationship so you always have some problems if one person wants to try it and the other does not. Even if you end up convincing them to, the relationship will suffer as a result.

Studies show that a relationship that starts from long distance will always fare far better than the one starting normal and moving away into a long distant one. Another big problem is not both partner sometimes can agree on having to move to a long distance relationship. The worst part is even after convincing the other partner, the relationships always suffer anyways.

Notice, I didn’t even want to cover the lack of intimacy which will all know is Paramount in a relationship. I figured it all ready crossed your mind.

Loneliness is the biggest obstacle to a long distance relationship. These will often lead to cheating and infidelities. In the end, it will still be up to the couple's commitment towards each other that counts best.

So I say we keep it face to face and in person.

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  1. Where there's a will there's a way. If two people are really into each other and want to work on it... Yes it can be done. As long as you both are commited to the relationship.

  2. distance destroys...

  3. NOOOOOO it doesnt work!

  4. A true cuban saying..."Amor de lejos...Amor de pendejos..." jajajajaja! No it doesnt work.....

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