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Learn how to Flirt on Facebook and pick up gorgeous women. Step by step tutorial on how to fix your profile and profile picture to make yourself more interesting. You will also learn how to approach and keep the conversation going. Flirtation can be learned!

Things You'll Need:

  • Facebook account
  • Keyboard
  • Profile picture
  • Love for women

  • Take a profile picture of yourself making sure to avoid odd angles. A funny example of 'Myspace angles' is provided. The best picture to put up would be a group shot of you and your friends because it will make you look more social. Pictures where you are trying to hard to look good will come off as fake and push women away.

  • 2
    Fix part 1 of your profile (Basic Information). For Relationship Status, leave it blank so it will add something for you and the lady to talk about. For 'Looking for:' put down, "Friendship" and "Networking." Nothing else. If you put down "Dating," when you flirt with a woman, she will assume you're flirting with more than just her. If you put down "A relationship" then women who just want to date will be turned off. If you put down "Whatever I can get," you will come off as desperate.

  • 3
    Fix part 2 of your profile (Personal Information). You want to keep this short to add mystery. For each category, put down 3 things max. For example, only put down "Hitch, The Godfather and Fight Club" (my 3 favorite). The same for the other categories such as interests and music. Don't put down "going out with my friends" in interests. Females would like to think you're social without having to read it. Try to be unique and put down a hobby like "Writing" or "Reading." For favorite quotations you need to find yourself ONE profound quote such as something like "The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win" (Roger Bannister, runner). Make sure you know where it comes from and who said it. This can be a potential conversation with the woman you're talking to.

  • 4
    Begin the flirting. You should start with the 'People you may know tool.' You can message a woman that you find through that tool and say, "I saw you on my people you may know tool. I would love to get to know you!" Being direct is the best approach because it shows you are confident and there are no hidden agendas. If you're direct, you will be more genuine.

  • 5
    Browse women in your network. Only search singles because you will be wasting your time messaging women who are in relationships. Be direct about your approach. Poke the woman and send her a message like, "Just passing through, you're cute. Wanted to say hi." Another good approach is if you can check out her profile, see what she's into. If you both have similar interests then you should say "We're both into the same music! You look interesting, just saying hello." These are all good conversations starters because they're direct and safe. The important thing is to just be direct and honest when you're approaching woman. Having unique things to say is the best approach but be direct about it. Something like, "I love your hair in this picture" is good because it's specific and if her hair really looks good, she probably wanted people to notice that.

  • 6
    After a woman responds, keep your cool and just let the conversation flow along. Take your time finding out about her so she can trust you and open up to you. Go through her profile and get ideas about what to ask her. If her favorite movie is "The Notebook," tell her which part of the movie is her favorite. It says something about your character. She will tell a lot about your personality through small talk like this. Contrary to what most people think, small talk is important and a lot about an individuals personality can be learned from it.

  • 7
    Just have fun with it. Be yourself while still following the steps above and you will see the most results. Be direct but don't try to be someone you're not. If you're funny then be direct and funny, if you're smart then be direct and smart. If you're not witty don't try to be because it will backfire against you.

  • Tips & Warnings

    • Don't spell everything out in your profile
    • Keep it sweet and short
    • When approaching a woman be direct
    • Don't try to be witty when you're not
    • Check out for more tips 
    • Women may fall in love with you

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