Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Men That Are LOSERS on FACEBOOK Are Called: “THE FLU”

Men That Are LOSERS on FACEBOOK Are Called: “THE FLU”

Our parents always taught us to avoid doing things that can get us sick. They also told us that if we don’t, we will get sick and others will keep a healthy distance because they don’t want whatever we have. This is the case of those guys on Facebook that have zero dignity and no self respect.

F.L.U = (Facebook Losers Unlimited)

What do we mean? We mean those guys that spend their time making hot looking girls happy by leaving flattering comments under their photos. They do this to all of the good looking women on their friends lists. They leave almost constant and pathetic comments like: “You’re a Goddess”, “How can anyone be so beautiful?”, “Are you real?”, “Hott”, “Wow Mamma, I Wish”, “You’re soooo Perfect!”.  

Being a “Flu” is pathetic- as all you’re doing is boosting the chick’s ego further. This is exactly what they want. There is a reason why they post half naked, bikini, and other revealing photos on the public forum. These women are Attention Seekers that worship the “Jersey Shore Mentality”. They are secretly hoping to make Playboy (or have been in already) or to sleep with some producer to get a speaking part in a B- or C movie. Most of them would not make a good wife or mother. However, this story is about the “FLU” and not Attention Seeking Women…

The creators of The Love War Blog consider themselves Real Men with a Titanium Steel- Backbone and an Endless Supply of Self Respect. We do not spend our time scanning, searching, and prowling for good looking women on Facebook. We do not boost anyone’s ego with the hopes that they will love your comment and let you take them to dinner. It’s not going to happen. What they want is to feel better about themselves by seeing 20-30 flattering comments by poor saps.          :)

So our advice for the FLU: Yes, there is hope for you. You can change your pathetic ways. You just have to believe in yourself and refrain from commenting on photos.(Spend that energy on self improvement) Realize that there are other FLU’s doing the same exact thing- So instead be original. Walk up and talk to her if you ever see her out. If you’re feeling confident this week, send her a NON-PATHETIC Private Message. If she is interested in you, you will know it- as she will make it obvious. *If you don’t change your ways, read below…

Ladies: If you should spot a –FLU- (and they are not difficult to spot) go ahead and direct them to this article, to this blog.

If they persist, then go ahead and copy the following image and post it on their wall. As soon as they figure out that they are a member of ‘Facebook Losers Unlimited’ they will either change their ways or delete their Facebook account out of the shame they have caused their friends and loved ones.

So remember ladies, don’t go crazy posting sexy pics. You may catch the FLU ;)

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