Sunday, March 20, 2011

Listen to your Head or your Heart?

Listen to your Head or your Heart?

Should you always listen to your heart or your head? When it comes to relationships, is it enough to follow your heart or is it better to be more practical? Have you always wondered whether you should approach dating matters with reason or with emotions? The romance novels, fairy tales and chick flicks have told us time and again to always follow our hearts. But there are also people who tell us to be more practical as well. So is it better to listen to your heart or to your head?

Heart speaks
It does sound overly romantic to listen to what your heart tells you and to do as it says. Emotions, after all, are just as powerful as our instincts and sometimes, they do have their way of steering us to the right direction. So yes, listening to the heart and following your emotions is good. The problem comes up when you always rely on it to give you the answers that you need.

Emotions are almost always driven by what we want. People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and feel what they want to feel. When you rely solely on your heart when it comes to relationships, you are also more vulnerable to making wrong decisions so you end up falling for the wrong guys.

Using your head
In reality, it wouldn't hurt to think things through before you make decisions. They did say that the reason why your brain is placed above your heart is because you need to use it first before you let emotions get the best of you. When it comes to the choice to listen to your heart or your head, the head is a popular choice because it controls your judgement and your ability to distinguish a good guy from someone who will just string you along.

But over-contemplation can lead to impatience. And rationalizing over every single thing takes away the fun from dating. True, you should make decisions with your brain as an active participant but don't forget what your heart tells you as well.

You use both
Man was made with both a heart and a mind so it would seem a waste if you're not going to use both. So if it's a choice of whether to listen to your heart or your head, the answer is that you listen to both. Go with what your brain tells you when it comes to determining what characteristics would make a guy become a suitable candidate. Once you've found him, have fun and let your emotions take the lead.

Use Your Head, Listen to Your Gut, and Follow Your Heart

I think it is important to listen to all sides of a situation.  I think it is important to think about what you hear and what you see.  In modern American society we are spoon fed "the truth", but is what we hear on the TV and read in the papers really "the truth"?  Is there any such thing as the absolute truth? Or are there many triths depending on perspective and the facts we have at our disposal? Critical thinking appears to be sorely lacking in our culture and today common sense is not common.

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