Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Prevent Divorce

How to Prevent Divorce

Every marriage will go through difficult times. Unfortunately, sometimes, one or both people in the relationship will want to call it quits. Divorce is one of the most painful things an individual can go through. The process can cost thousands of dollars, and the pain that results from it is indescribable. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure you never have to go through a divorce. Knowing how to avoid and deal with conflicts is the key.


  • Deal with problems as they occur. One reason divorce happens is that people allow things to bottle up inside. When the inevitable blowup occurs, things are often said that cannot be taken back.

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    Always communicate with your spouse about both the good and bad things in the relationship. Probably the biggest reason for divorce is a lack of good communication between both parties. Spend at least 1 hour every day conversing with your spouse. Simply talking about your day is a great way to remain close.

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    Share in at least some of your spouse's interests. Every "expert" will tell you that you must do things with your spouse in order to keep the relationship going. Chances are, your spouse won't like to do all of the things you do. But watch some of the TV shows she likes or take her out to her favorite restaurant once in a while. Going out of your way is a key to preventing divorce.

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    Surprise your spouse every now and then with special gifts and events. Many people get divorced because they get "bored" with the marriage, or feel as if their spouse doesn't care anymore. Send flowers to your wife for no reason on a weekday. Get front row \-seats to the ballgame without telling your husband. These may seem like little things, but you can never overestimate how much such gestures can mean to the health of a marriage.

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    Know when to give your spouse some space. Some people get divorced because they feel their spouse is always around, and they never have any alone time. Let your spouse read a book quietly or watch a movie without being disturbed. Even in the best marriages, a person sometimes simply needs to be alone.

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    Remain intimate with your spouse throughout the marriage. Couples sometimes get caught up in everyday life and simply forget about about having a sex life. This is the probably the biggest cause of adultery, which almost always leads to divorce. Make time for intimacy between you and your spouse--and be spontaneous about it at times, as well. Keeping things interesting is a good way to ensure your spouse will never want something or someone else.

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    Get marriage counseling if you feel you need it. Every couple should try this before even thinking about getting a divorce. Counseling may make you nervous, but seeing a licensed professional could be very beneficial, and may even save your marriage.

  • Tips & Warnings

    • Talk with friends and family members about any problems you are having in your marriage. Getting insight from a third party can help you resolve conflicts and thus prevent divorce.
    • Don't "let yourself go." Physical appearance is important to intimacy, which in turn is important to preventing divorce. Realize that divorce sometimes happens regardless of what you do. There is no 100-percent guaranteed way to prevent divorce. If you've tried everything and the marriage still isn't working, you may have to face the fact that the two of you just aren't meant for one another anymore.

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